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The Third Head of Cerberus is a medium difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Garett Grant in Dead Island.


The hero is asked to turn on the final loudspeakers in the centre of town.


  • Talk to Garett to start the quest. He's in the recording studio as per usual.
  • He needs you to activate the final set of speakers across town.
  • These speakers are in the most dangerous place in Moresby, however. Quarantine.
  • Exit Garett's building and start heading towards the Warehouse safe house. This gives you the best access to the first speaker.
  • Once at the safe house, head towards the stairs leading to a raised path, where a ladder is on the wall. Climb up this ladder and carefully make your way onto the raised board walkways. You will have now officially entered Quarantine. There's usually an Infected on these boards, so kill it quickly and head to the end of the boards.
  • There's some metal walkways at the end of the boards which lead to a broken railing and a little area that some survivor set up. There's some crates and bricks that you can pick up to throw at zombies if you want, but they're highly ineffective and you can't reach them with a throw anyway.
  • Gathered below you will be a horde of Infected, as well as usually a Thug or Ram. Since this is Quarantine, Infected will constantly spawn, so you'll need to be quick about how you go about reaching this first speaker.
    • You can either throw down a meat bait or exploding meat if you have one and make a run for it while they're distracted. On the run, you can throw another for good measure, to make sure you have enough time. This is the safest option.
    • If you're playing someone like Xian Mei who doesn't get a lot of opportunities to get meat to craft those items, you can either throw down an explosive like a deo-bomb to clear out some of the Infected and make a run before they respawn, or you can drop down, kill the Infected with your weapon and run for it that way. This is far more dangerous, but can work.
  • However you do it, you need to drop down to the floor from the walkway, sprint around the corner and head to another ladder in front of you, further down the walkway. Jump onto this ladder and climb up. Activate the first speaker.
  • Now is the problem of getting out. There's no easy way out of this area, as there's no ladder back up to the walkway you were at. The next speaker is towards the Police Station, just outside of the quarantine zone. Honestly, the best way to escape Quarantine is just to run for it. Throw down a meat bait to distract them (if possible) and run for the gap in the outer wall where the Police Station is. Equip your best weapon and run.
    • There's a much more tricky way that involves some parkour, and it's difficult to explain, so I'll do my best here. If you look across Quarantine from the first speaker, you'll see some rooves by a large wooden ramp leading to them. Run over to those rooves and head towards one which is flat with some protruding chimneys and a tall wall. The Infected struggle to get you there so it's relatively safe. If you jump onto one of the chimney stacks, it's possible to make a run and jump onto the outer wall. From here, you can jump over the wall, onto some awnings and rooves below to get out of Quarantine. From here, you can head to the second speaker.
  • However you reach it, you'll end out outside of quarantine up against some buildings, one of which has a wooden shelter built on it. This is where the second speaker is located.
  • There's punks here, though, so climb up the ladder and take cover. Pull out a firearm if you have one and do battle with the punks. If you don't have a gun, kill one of the punks and take their pistol.
  • Once all the punks are dead, activate the second speaker.
  • The good news is there's only one speaker left, and the better news is it's not in Quarantine! You're safe (well, as safe as you can get!)
  • The final speaker is near the Church, so make your way over to it. You can either take the long way and head to the Police Station to follow the road as normal, or you can take the back alleys and stick close to the Quarantine wall to reach the location.
  • However you do it, the area you're looking for is the open small market area near where Tim's neighbour's house is located for his side quest Judgement Day. There's a bunch of Walkers here, as well as an Infected, but they're easy to deal with. Look for a ladder on a house away from the main road which leads to the roof.
  • Climb up the ladder to reach the final speaker. Activate it to turn it on.
  • Now you need to trek all the way back to Garett Grant, so back across Moresby you go! Use your normal strategies to get to him and when you do, talk to him to complete the quest and get your reward.


  • You can find ID Card #40 on a mattress where you get onto the walkway upon entering Quarantine.
  • Tape Recorder #04 is located next to an unrecognizable body at the third speaker.
  • Make sure to check the metal chest in the building with Grant. It always has something semi-decent or better in it.
  • There's a metal chest in the building where the punks are for the second speaker.
  • Another is located next to the third speaker.
  • This quest only has three speakers instead of the four of each of its predecessors.
  • Quarantine periodically spawns Zombies and Infected near the Hero's location while they are inside the zone. The spawns are frequent enough (every 30-60 sec is my estimate) that the Hero can become easily overwhelmed. As little time as possible should be spent inside the Quarantine zone, and on rooftop or catwalk areas whenever possible. Even some of these are reachable by the Infected so take care.
  • Once done with the objectives, the fastest and easiest exit out of the quarantine zone is to run to the general area of the Police station because of the massive gaps on the broken quarantine walls there.


  • The title is a reference to the three-headed dog named Cerberus from Greek mythology.