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The Storm is a medium difficulty main quest and the tutorial mission of Dead Island: Riptide, therefore making it the first main quest.


After waking up on the ship, the Heroes have to find out what happened and escape the ship.


  • Escape the cabin and turn right. Check two rooms on your way. You'll find resources.
  • After looting everything you can, open a hatch at the end of the corridor.
  • Continue walking, open the second hatch and get to the place where you have to crouch. Don't bother about the steam, just go left. A moment later you'll be forced to jump over a small obstacle.
  • Go to the right hatch and pick up your first weapon, a crowbar. You can now open the door now that the crowbar is not jamming it anymore.
  • According to the game hint, turn on the flashlight and turn right to explore the dark corridor and rooms. Turn it off when you get to light again and go forward to open a new hatch.
  • In this room you find containers to loot and a baton. From now on I recommend looking for new weapons but remember that you have a limited space in your inventory.
  • To the next room you can go through two door. Get inside and look at the workbench there. Do not use it during Prologue, because after it you lose all found weapons.
  • You've now got to stop the gas flow, so head up the stairs to the control room and activate the lever to douse the flames and shut off the gas.
  • Here's where you meet your first zombies, so kill and loot them as you're used to.
  • Along the way, there'll be the ship canteen, head in there and kill all the zombies inside. There's a lot of food for health and some metal chests. Loot them all, as you loose all your weapons after this quest anyway.
  • Head upstairs and congratulations, you're on the main deck of the ship! Bad news however, it's in the middle of a storm and it's overrun with zombies. Loot the pistol and shotgun from the dead ADF soldier and take all the ammo you can find.
  • Head around the stern of the ship and you'll find more zombies. Blow them away with the guns, don't worry about wasting ammo, you loose it all like I said anyway.
  • Head to the landing pad and you'll see the cutscene where Serpo escapes on the chopper. Pick up the rifle on the ground and defend the hanger entrance with the remaining soldiers and Hardy. There'll be a lot of zombies, including a Thug, so blow them away with your guns.
  • You've now got to reach the bridge. You see the undead captain inside but the door is locked, so you have to climb up the ladder and enter through the roof.
  • Drop down and kill the captain. He's not alone, as all the bodies on the ground will come alive. Kill them all as well as the captain.
  • After this, unlock the door to let Hardy in and the ending cutscene will play, leading you to Chapter 1.


  • Starting a new game with the previous character after completing Dead Island: Riptide will skip this quest. Instead, the Hero will wake up on the beach after the ship ran aground.
  • Don't get too attached to weapons, as I've been saying. Because of the shipwreck, you loose all your weapons, so don't bother repairing or upgrading any of them. When they're about to die, throw them at a zombie for one last bit of damage before swapping to a new one.
  • However, you do keep all your mod parts as well as cash, so loot all the containers you can find.