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The Ritual is a very hard difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Batram in Dead Island: Riptide. This is your second encounter with a siege event quest.


The hero must defend the camp from Marcus Villa's attack.


  •  Talk to Batram to start the quest.
  • He now lets you enter the hut and search it, but warns you about Marcus.
  • You need to find a couple of items to continue. The notebook is located on a small sofa chair. The newspaper article is located under a fan in the back room. A map is located in one of the baskets in the far corner of the main room. The notebook is under a painting hanging up on the wall.
  • Ask Batram about the map. He warns you again about Marcus, calling him 'pure evil'. He mentions a ritual and tells you to talk to Marcus himself if you want more information.
  • Use the fast travel map on the wall of the hut in Mataka Village to fast travel to the safe house in Halai Village. If you don't want to use fast travel, you can use the boat in the village to get to a road and either walk or drive to Halai.
  • Once you get there, talk to Jackson and he'll tell you that Marcus has set off to Paradise Survival Camp with terrible intentions.
  • Again, you can either fast travel to Paradise or make your own way their. Either way, you need to get there ASAP.
  • Once you arrive, you'll watch a cutscene of Marcus making mad ramblings about killing and eating the immune to 'save the human race' as he puts it. He'll then use a molotov to set the place on fire, attracting a load of zombies to the camp. This starts the siege, as you need to survive until Harlow arrives.
  • You don't get a lot of time to prepare for the siege, so put up what barriers you can and then survive the waves. You'll see the horde strength meter at the top of your screen which shows how long you've got left to survive.
  • As the meter decreases, the enemy danger increases, as Thugs, Butchers and Floaters appear. Survive as best you can until the meter reaches 0.
  • A cutscene will play which shows Harlow arriving and breaking through the main gate. She gets the group to escape successfully and they move to Halai. It then shows them pawing over a map. They agree that all the tunnel entrances are underwater from the flooding, but a man named Dr. Kessler at his Biosphere might have more information.
  • You'll then be deposited in the main workshop of Halai. The quest will then be completed.


  • Postcard 5 can be found in the back room of Marcus' house, on the desk where the fan is.
  • Batram and his other survivors in Mataka Village will disappear after you leave during this quest. He is the only merchant to sell stingray tails, so make sure to buy as many as you can/want before you leave.
  • The group will leave Paradise after this quest is completed, however you can still fast travel back to it. The items will all still respawn and no zombies will spawn in the area either. The place will also no longer be on fire, despite being made of wood.
  • You'll automatically be given the side quest Stop the Madness upon the completion of this quest.