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"The Red Mist" is the fourteenth story quest featured in Dead Island 2.


Santa Monica is impossible to get to through the Brentwood Sewer, however Venice Beach is close and accessible, which could lead to Santa Monica. Fight your way through to the surface of Venice Beach.


The slayer attempted to escape the Brentwood Sewer, but was approached and nearly killed by the mysterious Lola Konradt. Surviving the incident, the slayer unknowingly awakened a powerful new form, effectively becoming a human-zombie hybrid.

Escaping the sewers, the slayer reached the district of Venice Beach, a sunny beach town just south of Santa Monica. Helping survivors in the Blue Crab Grill defend the restaurant from zombies, the slayer sought refuge inside the grill along with the survivors.


  • Get out of the sewers. Continue along the path. Attempt to walk across the bridge.
  • Rip 'em apart! Using Fury Mode, kill all zombies that spawn in the area. No weapons or curveballs are needed, as the slayer can defeat the zombies using their hands.
  • Get the hell out of here... Escape the sewers.
    • Pull the lever to open the gate.
    • On the way out, kill the EAT Courier to collect the health items. The EAT Courier has the same combat abilities as a Runner.
    • Climb up the stairs to the surface.
    • Continue along the path. Kill the Screamer that appears along the path.
    • Interact with the ladder to travel to Venice Beach.
  • Where in Hell-A are you? Travel across the parked buses and reach the street.
  • Santa Monica is miles up the coast from here... find a place to rest up. Approach the Blue Crab Grill, one of the buildings on the right side of the street with the "HELP" banner.
  • Shout out to the survivors on the roof. Go closer to the Blue Crab Grill.
  • Clear the parking lot. Kill all zombies in the Blue Crab Grill parking lot, including two Crushers and a Screamer.
  • Close the gate before more get in! Close the Blue Crab Grill gate.
    • Approach the gate to the parking lot. It cannot be closed manually.
    • Go to the security hut and interact with the switch to open the gate. The breaker will break and need to be replaced.
    • Go across the street from the Blue Crab Grill and take the breaker from the panel beside Burger 66.
    • Bring the breaker to the gate panel. The gate will begin to close.
  • Kill anything that gets in! Kill any zombies that enter the parking lot before the gate closes completely.
  • Mop 'em up! Kill any zombies remaining in the parking lot.
  • Meet the Blue Crab boys. Go inside the building and meet with the survivors inside.


  • This portion of the storyline introduces the following: