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The Mole was a character who was featured in Escape Dead Island. He was a scientist working for GeoPharm and participated in their experiments already in Jakarta, where he had contact with Kevin "Charon" Barrister. The goal of their collaboration is to topple the Palm Garden Order (PGO). To this extent the mole intends to give the press information about experiments surrounding the virus, to Charon's dismay. The PGO has become aware of the mole's existence and has send Kilo 2 to finish him off as he believes the mole caused the zombie outbreak on Narapela. Kilo 2 succeeds in his mission, stealing the data and leaving the mole's body behind in Dr. Branden's Lab. When Cliff Calo passes by the area later on, the mole's body is gone and a Butcher stands on the spot where the body used to lay.


The mole is a middle aged man with short balding brown hair, a clean shaven face and black rimmed glasses. As a scientist, he is wearing a long white lab coat and a light blue shirt with a striped dark colored tie. He is also wearing pants and black shoes.


  • Although never confirmed, the mole is likely Dr. Branden since the Mole is assassinated in Dr. Branden's Lab and Dr. Branden is a character that is mentioned multiple times throughout the game but never makes an appearance.
  • Taking a picture of the mole's body gives Snapshot 18. This can be used to find out where the body is reused throughout the game.
  • The Butcher in Dr. Branden's lab is possibly the reanimated body of the mole, although he may have been reanimated into another Zombie or devoured by one.


  • The mole's body is used for Tom Calo's body during Mission 11 - Deliverance, despite Tom Calo not looking similar to the mole. This is likely due to the devs reusing the body for that section of the mission rather than creating a brand new model that would only be used for a single 30 second segment of the game. Since it is difficult to view the face of the model during the mission as it is dark and only there for a brief period of time, they likely just reused an undamaged human model rather than make a new one for Tom.