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The Knight in Shining Armor is the fifth main quest in the Ryder White's Campaign DLC in Dead Island.


After finding out that Emily has been bitten, Ryder White turns the helicopter away from the carrier to go to the prison and get her.


  • After finding out that despite his efforts, Banoi has been totally infected and that his wife, Emily, has been bitten by a zombie, Ryder ignores protocol and orders Super 25 to turn back from the fleet to land at the prison so he can collect his wife. Upon landing, Ryder sprints across the rooftop and into the prison. You get control of Ryder on the top stairs just after the roof.
  • Go down the stairs and loot the goodies left for you. There's an auto rifle here and make sure to swap out your short shotgun for the full shotgun on the crate, as well as restock on ammo if you didn't already before leaving the gas station. There's also a molotov in the corner next to some pipes to the side of the door leading to the hospital wing.
  • Go through the double doors to your right to enter the hospital. However, a short way down the dividing doors are blocked off by some hospital equipment. Luckily, a door behind you now becomes available for you to break through, so do that and go through it.
  • There's a Walker playing dead on the ground, so kill it then go through the door behind it. Another Walker is lying in wait to grab you as well as a Walker loitering in the room. Kill them both and go through the door opposite.
  • Through here there's a load of Walkers and you're in a storeroom. Luckily they need to navigate to you and you can use your rifle to kill them through the bars before finishing off any that remain with your melee weapons (if you still have any at this point).
  • A Thug is all that remains but if you stay out of its range, it can't hit you through the bars while you can gun it down at your leisure.
  • Go around to the side door and you'll find it locked closed. Look to the floor just behind the bars to see a set of keys. Pick them up to unlock the door and go through to loot the Thug.
  • Go through the door behind where the Thug was standing. A single Walker is in this room to kill it, loot the room for what little it has then go through the door on the right to the next one.
  • Though here is a horrible sight of a load of wheelchairs, a suicider and a bunch of Walkers. White comments that they must have tried to evacuate the hospital. You can use the suicider to your advantage here. Simply shoot the suicider after getting the attention of the Walkers to blow them all up. The suicider will do all the work and kill them, leaving you with just one or two stragglers that were out of the blast range.
  • Go through the locked door to your left and fight the Thug there. Once it's dead, hop over the barricade and follow the corridor to enter the main corridor that was blocked off.
  • Using the minimap and destination marker, go to the double doors that lead to Emily and enter the ward.
  • Emily is strapped to a bed and is muttering something but all she can say is "Ryder" and "let me go". Kevin will then contact Ryder on the radio telling him that he's the one who's been helping his wife, and if Ryder helps him, he will continue to help Emily. He tells Ryder that he's waiting in the transformer room which is towards the basement. They need to get the power back on else nothing can be done.
  • Exit the ward and head down the corridor, to the double doors at the end. Open them and go right through to the other side straight ahead. This leads you to a stairwell which has a few Walkers in it. Halfway down is the transformer room. Don't bother going right to the bottom as you'll be heading there in a minute to turn on the power in the next quest. Instead, go through the door and talk to Kevin.
  • Immediately after setting eyes on Kevin, however, Ryder recognises him as Charon, a notorious and famous terrorist who has been on watchlists all over the world and worked with nearly every organisation until he was locked away. Charon doesn't deny this but instead confirms it while telling Ryder that Emily is still amongst the living and he can keep it that way if Ryder does everything he says. Charon then says that he needs the generators up and running again so that he can get full power to the systems, including the surveillance systems which is important for his plan. This ends the current quest and starts the next one.


  • You can find the first of 6 tapes left by Emily in the ward where she is. It's on a desk to the left of the door.