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The Infected Warrior is a unique special infected featured in Dead Island. It appears during a "boss" encounter near the end of the main quest Man of Faith.


Koritoia Ope describes the Infected Warrior as his tribe's greatest warrior, and demands that the Hero faces the Special Infected in a fight to the death to earn his respect. The Infected Warrior resembles an ordinary native warrior, but stands significantly taller (at about 7 feet), about the same size as a Thug. His blood is obtained after his death for the mission Pure Blood. The Infected Warrior is obviously supposed to be a Frenzied Infected.


The Infected Warrior is a bald middle aged man with a clean shaven face. Like all the other male natives of Banoi, he is wears traditional attire which consists of just a loincloth with no other clothing. He also wears a few necklaces and a few bolts of cloth around his ankles.


The Infected Warrior is very fast, like a regular Infected, but is much larger and has slightly higher health and doesn't grapple or just very rarely. Even a Thug at the same level, much like Infected White. He can even dodge melee attacks, similar to a Butcher, and is able to regenerate lost health.

However, it is quite easy to kill him by simply dodging his attacks and using the fiery torches dotted around the arena to burn him.


  • The Infected Warrior is notably a mix with a Frenzied Infected, and a Butcher.


  • It is one of the strongest Infected in the Dead Island Series due to it having the size of a Frenzied or Thug, speed like a Regular Infected, dodge attacks and regenerate health like the Butcher.
  • The Infected Warrior and Infected White are the only zombies in the first game that use the same made AI.