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The Ferry is an easy difficulty main quest given to the Heroes by Harlow in Dead Island: Riptide.


The Hero is instructed by Harlow to clear out the surrounding zombies at the Henderson Ferry Station where they land.


  • Talk to Harlow to start the quest after the cutscene.
  • Head into the main square of the ferry station and kill the couple of Walkers feasting over corpse on the ground.
  • There may be an Infected who will run at you from the slope up to the café, so keep a look out.
  • Head up the ramp to the café seating area and kill the remaining zombies. Loot the café and the area before returning to Harlow.
  • Talk to her to finish the quest and transfer the gang to the safe house.


  • While you are on the same side of the barricade as the survivors, the zombies won't notice you. You can use this to your advantage to throw an explosive at the group of walkers feasting on a corpse on the ground.
  • After securing the location, it will turn into a safe zone. Even when the group has moved on, no new zombies will spawn and any you lure there will walk away.
  • There's a lot of good loot in the area. There's a metal chest in the safe house, as well as a workbench and some lockers to loot. The metal chest will often give good quality weapons as well as having a seemingly higher chance to give orange rarity legendary weapons. On the café seating area above, there's some diamonds near one of the table legs nearest the building. If you break down the door, there is a cash register to loot for a good cash haul.
  • This is the last chance you have to complete Harlow's team quest, as she disappears upon starting the next main quest.