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The Death of the Party is a side quest given to the Slayers by Curtis Sinclair in Dead Island 2.


Aid Curtis in escaping from his mansion where he is trapped on the upper floor.


  • After leaving Emma's Mansion for the first time, Curtis can be heard calling for help via his external intercom to the main entrances of his mansion. He is calling for help, and asks the Slayers if they could find a lost girl who wandered into his property, before she gets hurt.
  • Enter the mansion ground and make your way to the top of the driveway, towards the garage.
  • A Walker can be seen eating a fresh body on the ground, who is the girl you were looking for.
  • Kill the Walker, and the Slayers will contact Curtis, who is saddened at the death of the girl, but still asks if the Slayers can help him out.
  • Head down the side of the garage, between it and the house, to enter the rear garden of the mansion, where a party was taking place before it all went down.
  • There's a group of Runners, Shamblers and Walkers standing around on the rear patio, and Curtis can be seen on the upper balcony, asking if you can clear out the zombies, whilst he takes shots at them with his rifle to help.
  • There's a large group of them, however taking down the Runners will remove the immediate threat. Using the Meat Bait to distract some of them and break down the horde is the easiest way to take them all out piecemeal.
  • Once they're all dead, talk to Curtis.
  • He needs to get down from the upper floor, but the only way he can is via stairlift, as he was playing with grenades to fight off the zombies in his house and inadvertently blew up the staircase down. The only problem is that the power is out to the house, and the power room is at the bottom of the garden.
  • Head to the other end of the patio where there are some steps down, and at the bottom of the stairs is a small concrete building.
  • Open the door and dodge out of the way of the zombie that comes bursting out. Kill the zombie and look inside.
  • The wire is broken and requires reconnecting, however the two sides won't reach and the wire is live, so touching it will cause a shock.
  • Outside the building, to the right of the door, is some Water Jerrycans. Use one of these and pour water on the floor to reconnect the flow of electricity.
  • Once it's powered, return to Curtis who will congratulate you on fixing the power, before telling you to come inside, via the front door.
  • Head to the left of the house where a hedge arch allows you to go through to the front of the house. Some Walkers are here, along with a few Runners and Shamblers, but they can be easily fought off.
  • Head to the front porch and enter into the house.
  • Curtis is standing on the upper balcony, overlooking the entrance foyer, however he still needs you to turn on the chairlift.
  • To the left of the staircase, on the wall next to the entrance door, is a small yellow switch. Interact with it to turn on the chairlift.
  • Curtis will get into it, however as he begins to make his way down, zombies will come bursting out of the door at the other end of the foyer.
  • They are mainly Walkers and Runners, though with a more enclosed space, it's harder to deal with them.
  • They come in three waves, with the first wave being some Walkers, and the second wave afterwards is more Walkers and some Runners.
  • The final wave comes from a door to the right, in the middle of the right wall of the foyer. Some more Walkers as well as the named runner Tony Sinclair, Curtis' nephew, now undead.
  • Curtis isn't sad to see him undead, and tells you to kill the undead Tony.
  • After killing him, and the remaining zombies to make it safe, Curtis will make it to the bottom of the stairs in his chairlift, before walking over to the now open room where Tony came out of.
  • He will sit down in an armchair and thank the Slayers for their assistance. The Slayers then suggest that he makes his way to Emma's Mansion, where other survivors have gathered, which Curtis says he will do after he has had a rest, though insists that he can make the trip himself. This ends the quest.


  • You can explore the rest of the ground floor of his house after the quest and loot it.


  • Rarely, some of the zombies in the final part of the quest, where you need to defend Curtis as he descends in his chairlift, will fail to spawn or spawn incorrectly. You can still hear them in the room they're meant to come out of, and if you enter the room, you can clearly hear them in proximity, but there will be no zombies there. This softlocks you, as the quest will not progress and the front door will be locked, preventing you from leaving. The only way to fix it is to reload the game, which will place you at the last checkpoint, when you have to first defend Curtis at the top of the stairs.