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The Dead in Fishing Net is a medium difficulty side-quest given to the Hero by Tobias in Dead Island.


The Hero must travel to the River Village's harbour and clear the undead from the area.


  • Talk to Tobias to start the quest.
  • He explains that their fishing hut is overrun by zombies, meaning they can't fish. If they can't get access to the hut, they'll starve without the food it brings in.
  • Head to the side of Matutero's hut in the village to find some wooden stairs leading to the river edge. Go down them and go past the hut down there to find a small pier and hut on stilts. This is the fishing hut.
  • To get to the hut, you need to hop over some stilts to the other pier. There's some thin wooden boards between them, but these can fall if you stand on them, so don't rely on them.
  • If you fall into the water, there are some stairs up to the hut. This is only useful to get to the hut, however, not back to the village so try and nail the jumps.
  • The door is not locked, but there are some Walkers and a Thug inside. You can either throw a molotov and close the door to burn them out, or fight them normally. They're only basic enemies so they shouldn't be too difficult to kill.
  • Once they're all dead, loot the hut and return to the River Village. You need to jump over the stilts in the ground to reach the pier this time, so if you fall into the water, climb up the stairs and try again.
  • Once you're over the stilts, head up the stairs to Tobias and talk to him to finish the quest and get your reward.


  • There's another hut down by the river edge, but there's nothing of value inside.
  • The zombies will appear as red skull icons on the map and minimap, so they'll not be able to sneak up on you.
  • There's a metal chest in the fishing hut.
  • You can find ID Card 66 in the fishing hut as well.