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The Dead Don't Eat Crackers is a medium difficulty side-quest given to the Hero by Sebastian in Dead Island.


The Hero must search the nearby bungalows for food.


  • Talk to Sebastian to start the quest.
  • The area should already be clear when you arrived, as you would have had to have cleared it out when you arrived.
  • Head to the first marked bungalow.
  • The door is blocked, so head up the ladder to the roof, where a skylight is located.
  • Either use the brick they handily placed for you, or just kick the glass to break it.
  • There'll be two zombies in there, one lying in wait and the other moving around.
  • Get eyes on both of them so you're not surprised while fighting one of them.
  • Once you see both of them, drop down and kill them.
  • The snacks are in the fridge, which is on the floor under a table by the doorway to the bedroom, so open the door and grab the snacks. Don't worry, they go straight into your inventory, so you don't need to carry them to Sebastian. Loot the place while you're there.
  • Unblock the door by removing the wooden bar before heading outside to the next bungalow.
  • This one doesn't have a skylight, so open the door and head in.
  • There's a Walker lying in wait in the bathroom, so lead with a kick to disrupt its grab.
  • There's a lot more zombies in this one, including a Thug, so be smart about this.
  • Kill all the Walkers before tacking the Thug, as they'll only complicate things and distract your from keeping track of the Thug.
  • After killing them all, loot the place and open the other fridge to grab the snacks. The fridge is in the corner, on top of a table.
  • Head back out the door and talk to Sebastian to finish the quest and get your reward.


  • The food crates that are collected by the player are the same ones as the extra snacks