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The Dead Can't Dance is an easy difficulty Civilian Rescue quest given to the Hero by Eva in Dead Island: Riptide.


Turn off the music in the café which is attracting zombies to Eva's location.


  • Talk to Eva on the upper seating area of the café.
  • She'll explain that she had to leave the café in a hurry when her boss started to turn into a zombie and wasn't able to turn off the boombox inside, though she did manage to lock the front door. She gives you the key and asks you to turn off the music.
  • Head down the ladder to the front of the café and kill the two Walkers bashing on the door if you somehow didn't kill them when you arrived. Then open the door with the key.
  • Here comes the hard part! When you open the door, the burglar alarm will go off very loudly, adding to the already blaring music. This will cause a constant stream of Infected and Walkers to assault your position until you can turn off the alarm via the main panel.
  • First thing first, though, quickly turn off the radio inside the café and bludgeon the Walker lying on the ground, likely Eva's boss.
  • You've now got two options. Either you can either try and run for it to reach the switch but risk getting swarmed out in the open, or you can close the door and let the Infected gather up around the door before opening it all cleaning them off in one sweep.
  • Either way, you need to exit the building to reach the switch. There'll be a green search area on you map, but for visual reference, the switch is just behind the electrified cables outside of the café.
  • Fight your way out of the front door and head for the archway leading out of the Villa. However, don't go through the archway but past the short wall on the other side of it, opposite the café building. There's some electrical wires here, indicating the power switch.
  • Head towards the electrical box, either fighting or ignoring the Infected, and turn off the switch to kill the alarm.
  • After dealing with the remaining Infected (no more will spawn after killing the alarm), head back to Eva to get your reward and finish the quest.


  • You can use the electric cable to fry the Infected, but it won't give you any XP if they die.
  • You can find Eva later on at the Makeshift Hospital, as she successfully made her way to it somehow. You can't interact with her for another reward or quest, however.
  • Unlike other civilian rescue quests, when the Hero nears Eva's location in Villa Henderson, the quest does not automatically activate. Instead, the Hero must climb up to the roof and talk with Eva. Even if you're not aware of this quest, you'll know something's up from Who Do You Voodoo, Bitch? playing VERY loudly from the building.