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The Crossing is a medium difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Samuel Hardy in Dead Island: Riptide.


The Hero is tasked with finding and securing the Pinai Ferry Station to get the group to Henderson.


  • Drop down the exit of the Tunnels and head towards the gate in the distance to trigger a cutscene.
  • It shows Wayne lagging behind the group as they move towards the ferry station. He is noticed and everyone is quickly wary of him. He's revealed to be infected by Harlow who pulls up his sleeve to reveal a bite. He's been in contact with the chemicals in the Tunnel and is turning into something dangerous. Trevor quickly locks him behind a gate and you see Wayne transform into a Wrestler. You now need to kill him to let the group proceed.
  • He's trapped in a plant of some kind and is immune to any damage from you weapons. Don't bother trying to kill him with melee, guns or even fury. It's all ineffective.
  • Climb up a ladder to reach a walkway that will give you access to where Mutated Wayne is.
  • He's not alone, as minions will spawn to distract you. A mix of Walkers and Infected.
  • The way you defeat Wayne is by using the hot steam jets which can be turn on via red valves. There's a total of around 3 or 4 valves which will turn on hot steam jets for a short while, causing a lot of single damage and some residual burn fire damage on Wayne. Lead him in a circle around the area, either dodge or kill his minions and use the valves when he's under or in front of a steam port.
  • After several hits of steam, he will finally die. Kill off any zombies that remain.
  • Talk to Colonel Hardy through the gate.
  • He suggests using the nearby ferry station to get to Henderson. However, he warns you that a group of escaped prisoners are in the area so be careful.
  • Head to the back of the plant and through a small workshop area. The hero will contact Dr. Kessler via radio about Wayne's mutation and Kessler warns them about the chemicals in the Tunnels. It could potentially mutate the virus in the hero's blood and cause it to mutate, possibly making the immune loose their immunity.
  • After angrily shouting at Kessler, jump over a couple of overturned desks to unblock the main exit of the warehouse. Exit from the warehouse and go onto a main road.
  • There's a few zombies here and to your left you'll see a prison bus blocking the road. This is where the prisoners came from. Head down the road to your right and kill the few Walkers milling around. There's not many and they're scattered down the road until you reach a warehouse complex.
  • There's a fire burning in the gate in front of you and the road is once again blocked, so go to your left down the walkway next to the beach.
  • There's an Infected on the walkway and some Walkers to deal with, but they're not that hard.
  • Go to your right at the end of the walkway and kill off the Thug and Suicider that you'll meet, as well as more Walkers and Infected.
  • Continue to the right and go past the pick-up truck on top of a billboard to find the entrance to the ferry terminal.
  • It's locked and a prisoner called Thaddeus is guarding the door. He'll happily let you through... so long as you give him all your weapons and supplies. Of course, this is not possible, so he refuses you to enter.
  • As he tells his men to kill you, the hero enters a mandatory fury mode and you can now open the gate to kill the prisoners inside. You take greatly reduced damage in this fury mode, as well as deal a lot more damage, regardless of whether you've unlocked fury or how far up its skill tree you are. This is a special fury mode that is separate to your normal one, as it last a lot longer with all the buffs you get.
  • Kill as many prisoners as you can before it wears off, then kill any remaining.
  • The hero will be in a state of anger as they contact Kessler via radio and will remain so as Kessler attempts to calm them down. The hero will then show some remorse as you pass back through the ferry station, in a state of shock.
  • There's a locked door on the bottom floor. Break through it to find Marvin in the corner. He knows how to operate the ferry. The hero then contacts Hardy and the screen fades to black as the group joins you, ending the quest.


  • Before starting the quest, sell off anything you don't want to one of the merchants. You likely collected a bunch of firearms from the smugglers in the Tunnels that you can sell for some quick cash.
  • This is the first time the Hero is introduced to a Wrestler.
  • The zombies that spawn with Wayne come in waves and they are not actually infinite. After you've killed enough of them, they will stop spawning. Kill all the other zombies first before focussing on Wayne.
  • Search the shack on the beach and the beach in general. There's a weapon mod and some loot on the beach.
  • This is the first time you can get a sniper rifle. Climb up the pick-up truck on the billboard using the ladder next to it. On the flat bed at the rear will be the sniper.
  • The Hero has the opportunity to get the Twins achievement during this chapter.
    • Shortly after defeating Wayne, the Hero should travel towards the small beach area.
    • Kayden, the first twin will emerge from the surf shack and attack the Hero.
    • Prior to talking to the prisoners, a pickup truck can be seen high up as part of a billboard (much like the one in front of the Old Marina Workshop from Dead Island).
    • Behind the truck is a ladder, allowing the Hero to climb up and grab the sniper rifle.
    • Once the Hero makes it into the truck bed, Jayden will burst out from the nearby workshop.