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The Cable Guy is a named Shocking Walker featured in Dead Island 2.


The rich and glamorous of L.A are no strangers to television, as you'll find countless wide, plasma TVs in the mansions in Bel-Air. The Cable Guy was likely an employee of the local cable company prior to the outbreak, servicing the Bel-Air area. With the various tremors hitting the city, some of the power lines snapped or were damaged, leaving the residents in the dark from the goings-on outside their billion-dollar homes. Whether incentivized by better compensation or simply a man dedicated to his blue-collar craft, The Cable Guy came to Bel-Air to run the necessary maintenance. Although his death is up to speculation, it is most likely that the Cable Guy had the misfortune of falling into or tangling himself in the live wires he was sent to fix when the main earthquake struck Los Angeles, killing him and leaving his remains to be reanimated into a Shocking Walker.


Whilst he is just a regular Walker in most aspects, The Cable Guy has one important difference which is the periodic electrical shockwaves that will radiate out from him. He shares all the same hallmarks of a Walker, being slow, relatively weak and of average size. However, he causes additional electrical damage and will electrify you with his electrical pulses. As such, attacking him from range is best suited for him, and keeping an eye on when he's about to explode in electricity is important, so you can back away until after the burst to avoid damage.


The Cable Guy appears to be a bald man with a blue-grey work sweater with an orange worker's vest over it, insulated overalls with pockets and brown work boots.


The Cable Guy is content to remain mostly sedentary, milling around his cable van in the middle of the road leading away from the GOAT Pen. He'll shuffle around and occasionally crane his neck to sniff or search for food. When he spots some, he will shamble over to them in a shuffling jog with attempts to either punch and claw them, or grapple and bite them for infection. Whether he is aware of it or not, he also has a loose live wire on him which will periodically sent out electrical shockwaves.


  • Due to being a Shocking Walker, any of the usual Shocking Walker strategies will work on him.
  • Using any weapon with the Electrocutor Mod on it is useless, as he is immune to electrical damage. Instead use any other mod or an unmodded weapon.
  • The Meat Bait Curveball will distract him, allowing you to get some free hits on him.
  • The Chem Bomb will make him waterlogged, however this has no benefit for you. Instead, the stun it also applies will let you get a free hit or two on him.
  • The other zombies near to him are not Shocking Walkers, so are susceptible to his electrical attacks. This can cause free damage to them and can kill them, allowing you to focus on The Cable Guy.
  • Using the Shuriken curveball will allow you to deal damage from range, and if used close to him you can deal very heavy damage if all three projectiles hit him.
  • There is a nearby burst water pipe line which is spilling water all over the road. Make sure to avoid standing in this water when he explodes with electricity, as it will instantly electrify you and cause heavy damage to you.