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The Ballad of Rikky Rex is a side quest given to the Slayers by Rikky Rex in Dead Island 2


Now that Rikky has the master recordings, he needs his trusty chopper guitar from his house so he can start playing music again. The Slayers must make their way to Rikky's house, uphill from Roxanne's. After entering the property, the front door will be locked. Remembering that Rikky had mentioned Misha, his band-mate, had his keys, the Slayers must make their way around back and activate the DJ table to lure out the band mates. After fighting through the party-goers and band-mates, the Slayers retrieve the keys and enter the house through the kitchen. After making their way upstairs, the Slayers make it into Rikky's bedroom through Rikky's studio balconies, and find his guitar.