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DI2 the badge location

The Badge is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectables possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm. It is a part of the script for one of the movies being shot at Monarch Studios.


Inside of Jimmy Montana's Trailer at Monarch Studios. After exiting Sound Stage 7 to Action Alley, there is a trailer to the right. Inside the trailer is the collectible, on the table directly in front of the door.


LISA FENTON leans against the graffiti covered wall of an abandoned
warehouse. The ground around her is strewn with trash and
discarded drug paraphernalia. She idly stirs the refuse with her foot as
she puffs on her usual imitation cigarette vape.
GUNN walks rapidly towards her, glancing around to ensure they are
alone. Seeing him, Fenton pockets her vape and pushes off the wall
to stand, hands in pockets facing him. She smiles awkwardly.
This where you bring all your girls?
Gunn ignores the attempt to lighten the mood. He hesitates,
uncharacteristically uncertain, then gets angry with himself.
You got the results?
Fenton pulls an envelope from her pocket and holds it out of easy
reach. She searches Gunn's eyes.
You sure you want to know?
Gunn reaches forward and grabs the envelope. He stares at it, then
angrily rips it open and pulls out and reads a sheet of paper. His eyes
dart back and forth across the page. Fenton puts an arm on his
shoulder, smiling uncertainly.
Congratulations. You're a daddy.
Gunn stares in shock. He slowly folds the paper and puts it in his
Could it be wrong?
Fenton shakes her head slowly.
99.9% certain according to the doc.
Gunn leans against the wall, turning to look out across the water.
Fenton moves to lean next to him, shooting a glance at him, trying to
gauge his mood.
What's she like?
I broke into her place and swiped some hairs from the tub. I didn't
stick around to introduce myself.
Fenton smiles to herself.
I'd say she, uhh, prioritizes personal grooming?
Gunn stares at her in disbelief. Fenton sighs.
OK look, I ran her through the computer. Found her file.
Gunn frowns.
She's got a record?
Fenton answers a little reluctantly, like she doesn't want to reveal all
she knows.
Nope. She's a cop. Like father, like daughter.
Gunn stares at her.
A... Which bureau?
Fenton bites her lip.
You're not going to like it.
Fenton pulls out another piece of paper and hands it to Gunn who
scans it. He drops his hand in shock and stares at Fenton, who winces.
I told you you wouldn't like it.