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Immerse yourself in over a hundred jaw-dropping pages of unadulterated carnage, featuring behind-the-scenes insight crafted by Alex Calvin. Each page capturing the raw intensity and chaotic beauty of Dead Island 2's world, from the vibrant streets of Venice beach, to the darkest zombie-ridden corners of HELL-A. With it’s sleek design and captivating artwork, this Artbook isn't just a collector's item – it's a true masterpiece. Just picture it proudly displayed on your shelf, its glossy pages whispering tales of survival and mayhem, inviting you to lose yourself in its captivating illustrations.
— description from the Dead Island website

DI2 art of dead island 2 cover

The Art of Dead Island 2 is a book published by Dark Horse Comics. It was announced on the 28th August 2023 and is an art book for Dead Island 2 showing behind-the-scenes images of the artwork process for the game as well as information from one of the writers of the game detailing processes behind the creation and development of Dead Island 2. The book was scheduled to be released at some point in February 2024 with a pre-order cost of $49.99, however this was later pushed back to March 2024. It was finally released on March 27th 2024 in both eBook (ISBN 1506741460) and hardcover (ISBN 978-1506741468) formats.



Only a few pages long, it includes an introduction by James Worrall the Creative Director, as well as a few images of the introduction cutscene artwork.


Info and early designs for the Slayers are found in this chapter, as well as how the Zombies were designed and modelled. It also features artwork and information about the prologue story quest Flight of the Damned.


Info and renders about a few of the key NPCs in Bel-Air, being Curtis Sinclair, Andrea Salazar, Amanda Styles, Emma Jaunt, Michael Anders and Sam B. Very early artwork and info on the general look and feel of Bel-Air is shown, plus some early designs of some of the mansion interiors.

Halperin Hotel[]

Info and renders of Becki Russo is the first thing shown, as well as designs for the basic zombies found around the Halperin Hotel, including Burning Runners and Burning Walkers. Artwork of the exterior of the Hotel is shown, plus the Halperin Hotel Pool and surrounding area, in particular the sinkhole. Artwork of props such as Explosive Barrels and Propane Tanks are found here too.

Beverly Hills[]

The Crusher in general is shown with high quality renders, however key NPCs are also shown with early designs for them, including Jessica Kwon, Rikky Rex and Ronnie Redford. Nikki Gutte is also shown with early artwork, plus various designs of basic zombies encountered around Beverly Hills. Various artwork and renders are shown of the general area and views seen from it, plus some close ups of house designs, as well as some interiors of mansions, in particular the Mansion Under Construction.

Monarch Studios[]

The Slobber is shown with high quality renders. In particular, it shows many different variations of Alesis Hernandez of how the boss could have looked. Basic zombie designs are shown, as well as the two NPCs Sebastian Bukowski and Sarah Sheppard, with accompanying early designs for the characters. Lots of early designs and experiments for how the interiors of the sound stages would look can be found, with alternative area designs and sets. Prop artwork and renders are also shown, in particular posters for the various thing being filmed at Monarch Studios, as well as early concepts for DD-09, before it was decided to be a dog hidden in a bag.

Brentwood Sewer[]

The Vicious Butcher is shown off with early artwork and high quality renders. The Burster and EAT Courier are shown and discussed, as well as renders for the basic zombies encountered within the Brentwood Sewer. The three Numen are also shown and talked about, being Thurston, Cadenza and Lola Konradt. The design choices are heavily discussed and how the flesh mounds changed heavily throughout the game development, undergoing several major changes.

Venice Beach[]

The Crusher is once again shown, but this time in its military variation. Walker variants are shown, namely the Shocking Walker, Firefighter Walker and Spiky Runner. Dillon is talked about with high quality renders, as well as the Burger '66 Server and Firestorm Slobber. The roller-skater version of the Screamer is shown as well as various renders for Runners and Walkers which can be found in Venice Beach. Several NPCs are shown, being Patton, Alex Nguyen, Bud and Burt Michaels, with both high quality renders and early artwork, the latter pertaining particularly to Patton. Building interiors and exteriors are heavily shown with both renders and early concept artwork. The Venice Beach FOB is shown with concept art, as well as artwork for human enemies which were eventually cut from development.

Ocean Avenue[]

Dr. Reuben Reed is shown with both concept art and renders, whilst other NPCs are likewise shown with those being Tisha, Esta Navarro and Jimmy Montana. Props are highlighted here, showing various pieces of OSK technology including security cameras, Konstant and the Skope. Underground concept art is shown as well as the Mutator and the isocube, where Noah turns into a Mutator. Art and render of the general Ocean Avenue area, LA 24 News Office, Serling Hotel and OSK Store are shown too.

Santa Monica[]

Butcho the Clown is shown with concept art and renders, as well as the Voltaic Screamer and artwork for the basic zombies encountered in Santa Monica. Concept art and renders of the general area as well as the Pier and its structures plus the CDC HQ are all shown and discussed.

The Metro[]

The Mutator is further discussed with more renders, plus renders of the basic zombies found in The Metro. The architecture and design of the metro is shown and discussed, as well as further information on the various stages that Slobber mines went through before the final release.

Hollywood Boulevard[]

The Reubenator is shown here with renders, as well as talk and renders plus concept art of the Screamer as it appears in Hollywood Boulevard. Designs for the basic zombies encountered here are also shown. Many different concept arts for the Romero Award are shown, as well as elements from the boss fight with the Reubenator. Screenshots of the cutscene just prior can be found, plus renders and artwork from the award ceremony that occurs outside. The Eschaton Beige laboratory is briefly shown with concept art.


Focussing primarily on textures for posters, items and various other elements of the game, it features things like the label of the Energy Drink, posters for movies and the tours of Gods and Whiskey. The artwork found drawn on walls across the sewers is also shown.

Level maps[]

A chapter dedicated to showing off the in-game navigational maps. The chapter goes through them one by one detailing information about their design choices.


Dedicated on the promotional images created for before the game's release, it features all the graphics designed for the box art and online advertisements. This chapter also shows off the Tarot Cards designed for the game plus various skill cards in the same nature. 2D, pulp-style images of the Slayers and various zombies are also displayed.


The final chapter and dedicated to showcasing various weapon renders, both with and without mods. It highlights various ranged weapons and delves deep into melee weapon renders. Various hammers are shown, mostly the Claw Hammer, as well as the Kukri, Heavy Wrench, Mace, Baseball Bat, Claws, Machete, Crescent Blades, Shovel, Fire Axe, Bo Staff and Bowie Knife. Several Curveballs are shown, including the Pipe Bomb, Sticky Bomb, Electric Bomb, Caustic-X Bomb, Nail Bomb, Military Grenade, Flashbang, Molotov Cocktail, Meat Bait and Bait Bomb. The final page shows all of the Legendary Weapons.

Errors and incorrect information[]

  • Sam B is called a Numen, whilst in a developer AMA conducted via the Dead Island Reddit, a developer stated that Sam B is not a Numen as he lacks all the criteria to be one.[1]
  • Caustic-X is called an acidic substance in the book, whilst various in-game collectibles and sources label it as an alkaline substance.
  • A quest named This Year's Hottest Toy is mentioned in the book, however no quest with that name exists in the game. A Journal with the title This Year's Hottest Toy: DD-09! does exist, however this is not a quest. It's likely that the quest being referred to is actually the side quest It Came From Monarch Studios, where the Slayer needs to find Sebastian Bukowski to get him to turn off his DD-09 toy in a bag, as the book passage mentions needing to transport the toy from A to B which is something you do in the final game.
  • The Spiky Runner is incorrectly called the "Vicious Runner", which may have been an early name for the zombie. It also appears under the "Walker" header which in incorrect, and displays the render for the Spiky Walker.
  • When talking about the legendary weapons in the game, the book states that "The Blood Rage knife returns from the original Dead Island, where it was wielded by the assassin Xian Mei." This is incorrect, as the Blood Rage didn't appear in the first game at all, and no artwork exists from either the first game or Dead Island: Riptide showing a knife anywhere close to the Blood Rage in appearance.


  • In Chapter 12 there's various QR codes on the boarding passes for Soaring Pacific 71 Heavy which, if scanned, will take you to the Dead Island website.
  • Due to production of this book likely occurring before any of the major DLC was released, it features no artwork or references to either Haus or SoLA besides Dani holding The Ripper from SoLA on the cover.


  1. Reddit developer AMA about lore - Sam B immunity anwser [1]