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The knife when wielded by a player

The Tesla Bomb Knife is a weapon introduced in the Bloodbath Arena DLC, located in one of the arenas. It is a knife which has had two powerful batteries taped to it and some wire attached to the blade. It's a powerful, retrievable thrown weapon which is capable of killing enemies in one shot at lower levels as well as softening up more powerful enemies like Thugs in the higher levels.

Due to its status as a DLC weapon, a player can pick this up relatively early on. Upon clearing out the Lifeguard Tower and unlocking the fast travel map for it, one can fast travel to the arena and enter the required arena to pick up the weapon blueprint. Then, at any workbench, so long as you have the required materials and a random knife, you can craft the weapon. Diving knives are everywhere in the resort, so you should have no problem getting a knife early and crafting this for a near instant take down on powerful enemies.

NOTE: Be careful when using this, as the explosive radius is high and can kill the user just as quick as the intended target.


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"Below I described a way to turn a knife into an electric grenade. You throw this contraption at the walking dead, the blade plunges into the rotting meat, and at the same time releases an electric charge which will strike anyone around the hit son a bitch. I should get a Noble prize for this invention."
When entering Bloodbath Arena's Arena A go to the leftmost area of the map, passing the work bench. The mod blueprint is on the floor behind a rock pillar. This mod was introduced in Dead Island's Patch 1.3.1.
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Tesla Bomb Knife Mod