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"It's the Lord's will that you be here."
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Terrance Barker is a survivor featured in Dead Island.


Terrance is encountered by the Heroes in Moresby, lying mortally wounded in front of a storage silo just east of the Police Station entrance. Upon talking to him, he gives the side quest Last Will, in which the Hero must deliver his last will and testament to his family. The Hero will find his brother, Raymond, inside Saint Christopher's Church. Upon delivering the will, travelling back to where Terrance was located will reveal it void of any sign of Terrance outside of some blood on the ground. Terrance's body is never found, leaving his ultimate fate unknown, though he likely joined the many Zombies roaming around Moresby.


Terrance is a middle aged man with short brown hair and a full beard. He wears a white tennis cap, a blue plaid shirt, a black undershirt, white pants, and black and white shoes.


  • Terrance does not actually die during the quest, as he can be found still breathing if the Hero revisits him before delivering the will to his brother. Once the Hero delivers the will and completes the quest, Barker's body will disappear.