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EDI Tennis court

The Tennis Court when first introduced

The Tennis Court is a location featured in Escape Dead Island. It is a part of the Crown Residence, a large villa located on Narapela. It was used by Emory Crown and likely also Ronald Crown to play tennis with guests or just between themselves. Cliff Calo visits here while at the villa to collect one of the security keycards needed to access the main room of the security office to collect a keycard to access the GeoPharm Labs.


The tennis court is quite literally just that, a tennis court located out the front of the villa. It is right on the edge of the cliff, giving great views of Narapela while playing, while a tall fence surrounds it to make sure the balls don't bounce down the cliff every time they are missed. The main court is a typical green tennis court with a net in the middle of it. On one side there is a ball machine set up, allowing someone to practice their tennis swings, while overlooking it is a building likely containing changing rooms as well as an equipment room, for storing everything when tennis is not being played.


  • Despite being a pretty small and uninteresting location, you can find a lot of things here, as well as a new enemy.
  • After Cliff hallucinates, the words 'TURN BACK' can be seen painted several times on the buildings as well as on the court itself.
  • Taking a picture of the Siren with the Camera gives Snapshot 12.