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My wife… my dad… aw, fuck, my own fucking brother. Jesus Christ… what else could I do? Let them kill me? Why are you looking at me like that?! What the fuck do you want from me? I HAD NO CHOICE!
— Ted B.

Ted B. is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is found during the main quest Passport to Life, in front of Bungalow 14, after the Hero leaves the Beach House. The Hero finds him kneeling in a blood-soaked pool, surrounded by the bodies of several slain zombies and lamenting over a corpse. When the Hero approaches, Ted explains that his wife, his dad, and his brother had all become infected and Ted was forced to kill them — lest he be killed himself.

Upon returning to the pool area later on, the player will find Ted B. gone, and the pool surrounded by zombies. Therefore, one may assume that he recovered his wits and escaped or died because he was unable to find shelter.


Ted is a middle aged man with short blonde hair and a clean shaven face. Like most male survivors in the Resort, Ted wears a pair of swimming trunks with no shirt or shoes. The trunks are green and white with a floral design. He also wears a string bead necklace and a bandage on his lower left arm. In the Definitive Edition the trunks are red, most likely because they have been stained that colour by the blood in the pool, which he has been kneeling in for presumably a few hours.


  • Ted B. is a reference to the infamous American serial killer Ted Bundy.
  • Ted B. appears briefly during a flashback sequence in the ending of Ryder White's Campaign, which shows a series of images from the game as an overview of the plot.