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Roger Howard's Tape Recordings are collectible items featured in Dead Island. There are 12 that can be found across Acts I to IV.


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Ryder White's Campaign[]

Andrew Meisner's Tapes[]

Tape recorders make a sort of return in the Ryder White's Campaign DLC. As Ryder makes his way across Moresby in the first part of the DLC campaign, a series of 5 tape recordings can be found scattered along the way. These recordings can't be collected, however, and will stay on the ground after being interacted with. However, they still play the recording like the tapes from Roger Howard in the main game. These recorders follow the path of Banoi Island Defense Force Unit 4, headed by a Captain Jackson. The recordings were left by Lance Corporal Andrew Meisner and detail the unit's arrival in the city shortly after the failure of the quarantine zone in the centre of the city. Andrew is keeping a diary of these recordings as 'evidence in the event of a future military tribunal', since he doesn't trust the high command to blame the regular soldiers in case of failure due to their poor planning or judgement.

Over the course of the 5 recorders, it follows Andrew and his squad as they enter the city to try and contain both the outbreak and the Raskol gangs that have taken the opportunity to overthrow the thinly stretched police force. Shortly after arriving in Moresby, they come under fire from a Raskol ambush but manage to escape. After losing at least one man to a zombie, they end up in a store under siege. Some of the zombies get in but once again the unit manages to get out, but with a far depleted strength. Their mission was to blow the City Bridge to try and contain the infection but by this point half the unit is now dead to Raskols or bitten by zombies. Captain Jackson is killed by Andrew when he is found feasting on a corpse and the remains of the unit decide to try and get over the bridge and blow it up behind them. Before they can, a Raskol gang find them and kills all the survivors, looting everything from them including the explosives they were carrying. Andrew is left bleeding out on the street as Infected close in on him, but the tape ends before they reach him. Andrew's body remains on the street when White finds him, indicating that he either managed to kill the Infected before he died so they didn't infect him or that they had ignored his body in search of fresh prey. Either way, he did not turn into a zombie.

Emily White's Tapes[]

In the second part of the DLC, 6 more tapes appear when Ryder reaches the Prison. These recordings have been left by Ryder's wife, Emily White, and they detail the infection as it spreads through the Prison populous and eventually to Emily herself. Like with the tapes left by Andrew Meisner, these can't be collected by Ryder and will stay on the ground permanently. They can still be played and listen to as many times as you want so long as you're looking at the tape to interact with it.

These tapes document how the infection arrived due to an outside food supplies attacking and biting a guard when the prison food was dropped off. The guards and supplier were kept under observation and Emily tests them to discover that they're infected with rapidly mutating Kuru. One of the guards attacked her but she managed to escape while the guard was shot dead. The infection spread rapidly due to a riot conducted by the prisoners and during this time Emily got bitten. She's helped by Kevin who is helping her slow down her own infection while testing the other infected patients in the hospital, but they're barricaded in. Emily gets worse and has given up on a cure, while most of the hospital has been overrun by the undead. Kevin is still helping her, but unknown to her for his own reasons. Eventually she gets bedridden and finds it hard to speak. In her last recording she has told Ryder to stay away but knows he'll come for her anyway as he's stubborn. This is the last tape before she's completely turned.


  • Despite the name, they are actually digital recorders, and magnetic tape is not involved.