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Heading into the Jungle[]

I'm riding in a four by four, following a group of survivors heading into the Jungle. Apparently, someone on the radio is leading them to the source of this sickness. There's supposed to be some kind of, uh, a lab hidden in the jungle. Could this be some sort of experiment gone wrong? Some kind of animal-borne disease, like swine flu or bird flu, that's mutated? If this spreads beyond Banoi -- if it were to hit a major population center -- it could be the end of everything. People need to know what this is. Maybe they can - LOOK OUT! (Tires screech, crashing sound)
Tape Recordings #07

Tape Recorder 07 is part of a collection of twelve recordings found across Dead Island. It is part of the My collectibles, let me show you them! challenge, and the Gotta find'em all and Nearly there achievements.

On Matutero's desk in the River Village.

Can be seen on the following map:

Jungle Map
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Tape Recordings
Tapere07 small iconTape Recording #07
Banoi Herald Excerpts
Journal30 small iconExcerpt #30
Journal31 small iconExcerpt #31
Journal32 small iconExcerpt #32
ID Cards
Idcard061 small iconID Card #61
Idcard062 small iconID Card #62
Idcard063 small iconID Card #63
Idcard064 small iconID Card #64
Idcard065 small iconID Card #65
Idcard066 small iconID Card #66
Idcard067 small iconID Card #67
Idcard068 small iconID Card #68
Idcard069 small iconID Card #69
Idcard070 small iconID Card #70
Idcard071 small iconID Card #71
Idcard072 small iconID Card #72
Idcard073 small iconID Card #73