Starting the Investigation

This is Roger Howard, on a special assignment on the island of Banoi. I'm investigating illegal logging and clear cutting that's not only damaging the ecosystem here, but costing the people of Banoi billions. I've been told that my life might be in danger as those behind this illegal activity will stop at nothing to protect their criminal enterprise. As a precaution I will be leaving a trail of recordings wherever I go, so that if something were to happen to me, the truth would still be told. I'm leaving now to meet with an informant who I believe could rip the lid off of this investigation.
Tape Recordings #01
Tape Recorder 01 is part of a collection of twelve recordings found across Dead Island. It is part of the challenge "My collectibles, let me show you them!" and the Achievements/Trophies "Gotta find'em all" and "Nearly there".

It can be found in Sinamoi's bungalow (related to the quest "Passport to Life") on a table in the main room.

Can be seen on the following map:


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