Dead Island achievement/trophy
"Tae Kwon Leap"
Kill 25 zombies with your bare fists.
Points 25 Game points
Trophy Trophy bronze

"Tae Kwon Leap" is one of the Achievements and Trophies available in Dead Island.

To earn this Achievement/Trophy, the players must kill 25 zombies with their fists.


  • One way of getting this Achievement/Trophy is by finding a zombie by themselves, and killing them before more arrive (kicking them so that they fall over gives you a good opportunity to punch or beat them to death, while assuring that you won't take damage). Also, this may be easier if one utilizes the Sam B's Rage Mode.


  • The name of this achievement is a reference to The Frantics' popular sketch and song "Ti Kwan Leep".
  • This is also a play on the word Taekwondo (sometimes written as “Tae Kwon Do”), a style of martial arts.
  • Only the finishing blow needs to be done with your bare hands. You can deal damage with melee weapons as long as you don't sever or break any limbs.