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Parent apartment exterior

The outside of the apartment

Sylvia's Parents' House is a location in Henderson in Dead Island: Riptide. It's found not too far from the Fort of Henderson, heading directly west from it, between the fort and the Sea Market. It was the home of Sylvia's mother and father before the outbreak. Sylvia fled here after her own house was overrun, hoping to shelter with them. However, the apartment was somehow overrun, catching on fire and forcing Sylvia to flee once again. Her mother and father were unable to get out and consequently died either to the fire and fumes or to zombies. The heroes come here during the side quest Family Ties, following a note left by Sylvia in her own apartment when she left it. The heroes find the house full of fumes and the kitchen heavily burning, with Sylvia's mother and father dead in the living room. After collecting some of Sylvia's belongings to prove that she's still alive, they leave the apartment and don't return.


From the outside, the house is a bungalow in a relatively nice part of Henderson. It has a wide street in front of it as well as a grassy area. Like other buildings in Henderson, it is made of stone and brick, with a nice finish and tiled rooves, keeping with the Mediterranean style of Henderson. The doorways next to the apartment are boarded up, but the entrance to Sylvia's parent's apartment is far nicer and grander, with a covered set of stone stairs leading to the door.

Inside, there's a short hallway entrance which leads to the living room, where the bodies of Sylvia's parents are found. The inside is a mess, with a thick cloud of smoke coving a quarter of the room at the ceiling from the fire. There's clear signs of a struggle with furniture strewn about and papers thrown everywhere. Through the broken down double doors is the kitchen, the source of the smoke. Somehow and for some reason, the kitchen is ablaze, with fire bursting out of the oven and all the counter tops and cabinets burning heartily. At the back of the kitchen is a door leading to the bathroom, which is thankfully not on fire. The bathroom is small with just a bath, a couple of small cabinets and a sink and toilet. The final door in the living room leads to the bedroom, containing a small bed, desk and various bedroom furniture.


  • There's little loot in here, other than some minor containers and some energy drinks on the ground, making it pointless to come back here after completing the quest.
  • There's a single Walker in the apartment, a Walker in the kitchen. However, you don't even need to fight it as it starts on fire thanks to the burning kitchen, meaning if you just wait for 10 seconds or so, it'll die off on its own and you can explore the apartment at your leisure.
  • The door to the bathroom and bedroom are both locked, requiring you to break them down each time you come here.