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"It's the Lord's will that you be here."
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Sylvia is a character in Dead Island: Riptide. She is a survivor who can be found at the Makeshift Hospital in Henderson. She is involved with the side quests Family Ties and Reunited.

Dead Island Riptide[]

According to Marvin, Sylvia was his wife. He claims that he was not a good husband for her, and she was right when she left him.

Family Ties[]

Marvin asks the player to find her at her apartment near the Sea Market. When the Hero looks around the apartment, they will find a phone bill list, a bag, Marvin's photo and a letter. In the letter, she says she fled to her parents' apartment. The player must go to the apartment. When it's reached, it is revealed that her parents and the other people found in the apartment fell victim to a fire. But again, Sylvia is not found. A photo of her is found, so the player can recognize her. Later the player returns to Marvin.


Those who accomplished Family Ties and reached the hospital, will find Sylvia there. She is lying on a bed, badly injured. The player must return to Marvin and tell the information. After that, Marvin says that he is heading her way (however, until the last cutscene, Marvin continues at the Fort).


The last cutscene shows the Makeshift Hospital being invaded, but Sylvia's fate is ultimately determined by the player. If Reunited is not completed, she will stay at the hospital and be killed by the zombies. If the quest is completed, she will reunite with Marvin and escape with him and the rest of the group.


Sylvia is a middle aged woman with blonde hair done up in a bun. She wears a blue button-up shirt, a green sash tied around her waist, white trousers, and grey flip-flops.