Dead Island achievement/trophy
"Swing them sticks"
Kill 150 enemies using Analog Fighting controls.
Points 25 Game points
Trophy Trophy silver

"Swing them sticks" is one of the Achievements and Trophies available in Dead Island.

To earn this Achievement/Trophy, the player must kill 150 enemies using the analog fighting controls.


  • To change to analog controls, go to Options → Controls and change from Digital to Analog.
  • For the PS3, a good way to get used to the analog controls is to hold L1 and move R3 in circles. This is a practical way to as many hits with a melee weapons as possible.
  • It is possible to achieve this for PC when the player uses a Xbox 360 controller.


  • When the player runs over a zombie with a car while analog controls are set, the kill still goes towards the Achievement/Trophy. (This has been fixed in recent updates, only thrown weapon or melee kills work.)