"In times like these, you think people would pull together."
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Survivors in the Pool House (From left to right: Margaret, Jeannine, Wayne)

Survivors are people who have not died or turned into zombies before the start of the game. Non-playable survivors (NPCs) can give the Hero certain quests or some information, merchants offer different items in exchange for cash or unwanted items, and one of them (Jin) can even carry the player's items. Non-interactive survivors are normally encountered along with interactive survivors but most eventually become interactive later on in the game.

Some survivors will ask the player to complete a task for another survivor. i.e. getting some medicine, bandages, food, etc. Some survivors may require certain tasks completed before more dialogue options will unlock. It is best to re-check the Safe House locations after completing several tasks for any additional dialogue options that will occur.

Playable (Heroes)

Dead Island NPCs


Pool House

Note: The Pool House is later abandoned, as the group moves to the Lifeguard Tower.

Lifeguard Tower


Other survivors

City of Moresby

Saint Christopher's Church


Square (Abandoned house)

Town Hall

Note: Later the safe house is overrun and everyone is killed or turned into a zombie.

Other survivors

The Jungle

River Village

Overpass Camp


Note: Later the safe house is overrun and everyone is killed.

Other survivors



Note: Later the Canteen is overrun and several of the prisoners are killed, including Mowen. Alvaro Sanchez, Brian, Kevin, and Jeremy survive. Banoi Butcher is meant to be killed beforehand.

Other survivors

  • Colonel Ryder White (Also known as the "Voice". The final boss.)
  • Doctor Emily White (Wife of Colonel White. Already dead.)

Bloodbath Arena

Ryder White's Campaign

Dead Island: Riptide NPCs


Palanai Jungle

Paradise Survival Camp

Halai Village

Batram's Family

Other Survivors

Palanai Ferry Station


Makeshift Hospital

Other Survivors

Dead zone Characters

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