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Survivors in the Pool House (From left to right: Margaret, Jeannine, Wayne)

Survivors are people who have not died or turned into zombies before the start of the game. Non-playable survivors (NPCs) can give the Hero certain quests or some information, merchants offer different items in exchange for cash or unwanted items, and one of them (Jin) can even carry the player's items. Non-interactive survivors are normally encountered along with interactive survivors but most eventually become interactive later on in the game.

Some survivors will ask the player to complete a task for another survivor. i.e. getting some medicine, bandages, food, etc. Some survivors may require certain tasks completed before more dialogue options will unlock. It is best to re-check the Safe House locations after completing several tasks for any additional dialogue options that will occur.

Playable (Heroes)[]

Name Image Status Information
Logan Carter
Dead island logan carter
Alive Logan is a former American Football Player who was vacationing in Banoi.
Purna Jackson
Alive Purna is a former officer and firearms expert who was working as a bodyguard for a VIP in Banoi.
Sam B
Alive Sam B is a one-hit-wonder rap star who was booked to perform Who Do You Voodoo at Banoi.
Xian Mei
Xian Mei
Alive Xian is a police officer posing as an employee of the Royal Palms Resort.
John Morgan
DIR JohnMorgan
Alive John is a former member of the Australian Defence Force.
Meet Allie
Alive Allie was part of a black ops team and the only surviving member.
Alive Amber used to work at an animal shelter.
Alive Bryce came to surf but found that fighting zombies was even better.
Alive Berg was taught by a tough lumberjack and he came to Amaia for a warmer job. He found that killing zombies is a better use for his skills.
Charlotte "Charlie" Benthos
Alive Charlie is an adventurer and has captured coconut crabs as pets.
DIE Hailey
Alive Hailey owned a ice cream truck and fell into her freezer after being bitten, causing her mutations.
Alive Hermann was a pilot who landed in Amaia for gas.
Alive Isys is a gamer and uses her game skills in the zombie outbreak.
Mr. White
Alive Mr. White is a B-action movie star and initially thought the zombies were part of the script.
Alive Rico was on vacation in Amaia and was separated from his family.
Roy Becker
Alive Roy is a tourist and used his coupons he's collected to stock up on food.
Alive Sarah was a GeoPharm technician who worked on sublevels and elevator shafts.
Alive Septian is a hunter who traveled to Amaia to whisper with a Papuan Black.
Simon Adler
Alive Simon was a bomb disposal specialist.
You know you wanta
Alive Wanta was a trusted mambo in her community and traveled to Amaia to help the survivors of the zombie outbreak.
Cliff Calo
EDI CliffCalo
Alive Cliff traveled to Narapela to earn his father's respect but is instead driven insane.
Ryan (2014)
DI2 Ryan
Alive Ryan was a volunteer firefighter who prefers sledgehammers.
DI2 Ashlee
Alive Ashlee was a former teacher and party girl.
John (2014)
DI2 John
Alive There is no information about John. His attire suggests he was a preacher.
Dani (2014)
DI2 Dani
Alive Dani was a stunt woman who prefers machetes.
DI2 Jacob render
Alive Jacob moved to the US to become a stuntman after his mom died. He was trapped in Los Angeles, California during the apocalypse.
Alive Amy is a Paralympian and wishes to escape to participate in the National trials.
Ryan (2023)
DI2 Ryan render
Alive Ryan is a male stripper posing as a firefighter.
Dani (2023)
DI2 Dani render
Alive Dani was an Ireland retail assistant and joined a roller derby team. They were trapped in Los Angeles, California and separated during the outbreak. She plans on searching for her team after escaping.
DI2 carla render
Alive Carla was a motorcycle stunt woman whose embraced Hell-A with enthusiasm.
DI2 Bruno Render V1
Alive Bruno was a hustler who always has a plan.

Dead Island NPCs[]


Beach House[]

Note: The Pool House is later abandoned, as the group moves to the Lifeguard Tower. Although some go missing and possibly die during the trip from the house to the tower.

Lifeguard Tower[]


Other survivors[]

City of Moresby[]

Saint Christopher's Church[]


Nick's Hub (Abandoned house)[]

Town Hall[]

Note: Later the safe house is overrun and everyone is killed or turned into a zombie.

Other survivors[]

Mingende Jungle[]

River Village[]

Overpass Camp[]


Note: Later the safe house is overrun and everyone is killed or turned except for the Geo Pharm scientist.

Other survivors[]



Note: Later the Canteen is overrun and several of the prisoners are killed or turned, including Mowen. Alvaro Sanchez, Brian, Kevin, and Jeremy survive.

Other survivors[]

Bloodbath Arena[]

Ryder White's Campaign[]

Dead Island: Riptide NPCs[]


Palanai Jungle[]

Paradise Survival Camp[]

Halai Village[]

Batram's Family[]

Other Survivors[]

Pinai Ferry Station[]


Makeshift Hospital[]

Note: Later the Makeshift Hospital is overrun and everyone is killed or turned, though Sylvia can be saved if Reunited is completed.

Other Survivors[]

Dead Zone Characters[]

Escape Dead Island NPCs[]

Dead Island 2 NPCs[]


Beverly Hills[]

Brentwood Sewers[]

Ocean Avenue[]

Venice Beach[]

Other Survivors[]



  • In some story quests, if a very important survivor dies before a scripted event, a Mission Failure occurs, where the player must either retry the mission or quit and restart. For example, if Joseph dies too early before his death in the Police Station, the mission is failed.