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Supermarket Journey is a hard difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Josh in Dead Island.


The Hero must gather supplies from the Supermarket. However, it was taken over by one of the Raskol gangs, and the Hero must reach it via the Sewers.


  • Talk to Josh to start the quest
  • He tells you that he heard you talking to the Mayor about sharing food and explains that the only chance you have of getting food is to travel to the nearby Supermarket to see if you can find some there. The only problem is it's been overrun by Raskols.
  • Head to the Sewer entrance and complete Guard on Duty. This is non-negotiable, as you have to complete this quest to access the Sewers. The guard will stop you otherwise.
  • After bribing the guard with the bottle of alcohol in the Mayor's office, you can head down into the Sewers to travel to the Supermarket. Say goodbye to everyone in Town Hall, as this'll be the last time you see them.
  • Kill the Walker on the floor and head into an open room.
  • DO NOT ENTER THE WATER! A toxic barrel is leaking into it and it will harm you. However, all the Walkers in it are a one shot to a fire weapon or molotov. There's also a Suicider here.
  • Stick to the path and follow it around to a door. Head through it and kill the Suicider there. You can use it to clear some of the other zombies with it before finishing off the rest.
  • Head through to the next area, an upwards slope which has some Infected on it. Use the pipes to your advantage, as the Infected struggle to get past them.
  • After clearing them out, head across the room and use the metal door to enter the Supermarket basement.
  • You're instantly greeted with hot steam blocking your way. Luckily there is a valve to turn to shut it off. You can use the steam to kill the Walkers nearby, but it's unreliable. You'll need to turn it off to progress anyway.
  • There's some Walkers feasting on a body on the floor. Kill them and prepare to fight some Infected and a Floater.
  • The Floater is difficult to deal with in this close space, but dodge behind it and keep it turning so it can't hit you.
  • Head down the hall and jump over the basic barricade, killing the Infected feasting on the ground.
  • Head up the stairs and kill the Walkers pounding on the door.
  • Run through the doors and down to the end of the corridor. There's some Walkers dressed as policemen at the end of it. Kill them and take the pistol on the ground if you don't already have one. You'll need it.
  • Head through the double doors and enter the main Supermarket floor.
  • Take out the pistol and prepare to fight them. Use cover and kill them with headshots to take them out quickly.
  • Fight your way to the other side of the shop floor and down the corridor to your left.
  • The punks will close and block the double doors at the end, so put away your pistol to head through the single door to your right and fight through the employee break room into the security room.
  • There's a couple of Walkers on the floor of the break room as well as some Infected in the security room. Kill them and head through.
  • You'll come face to face with a Ram and some Walkers. Kill the Walkers first before dealing with the Ram as you normally would. There's also a machete on the floor next to a body against a wall. The body will come alive when you get near, so be ready.
  • Head to the end of the new corridor and travel through the double doors.
  • There's some random survivors in there, one of whom will warn you about the punks you're fighting.
  • Take out your pistol and head through the other double doors at the other end of the room. You're going to fight the last stand of the punks.
  • Once again, use cover and headshots to fight to the end of the main storeroom of the Supermarket.
  • There's two punk leaders in two of the shipping containers. They wield rifles, so deal with them quickly.
  • After killing them all, loot the area before pushing the pallet truck into the remaining, full, shipping container.
  • A cutscene will play showing the heroes lowing a crate of supplies from the bridge down to Jin and Joseph. As they finish lowering the last crate, a swarm of Infected will run over the bridge, causing the heroes to warn Jin and Joseph before heading back to the Sewers.
  • You'll regain control after the cutscene back in the Sewers and the quest will automatically complete.


  • Clear out the workbench in the Supermarket basement as it contains a lot of mod items as well as a weapon blueprint.
  • Check under the Supermarket stairs to collect the Orange Skull. You can complete the Developer's Mod on your way back from the Supermarket.
  • If you have the Green Skull, you can collect the associated Developer's Mod in the teddy bear isle, next to the dead policeman with a shotgun.
  • Loot all of the cash registers for some quick cash.
  • Make sure to check the metal chest in the security room before moving on. It's located on top of a cabinet.
  • Having the side quest Picture of Bliss active (accepted but not completed) while performing this quest is a good idea. It's one of the very few side quests that will be available if the Hero started in the sewers. This allows the use of the Patch 1.3 smart waypoint system so the player can make the side quest his tracked quest, exit the menu, and then exit the game. When reloaded the Hero will start in the Warehouse/Simon's Hub where items can be bought and sold and it's an easy matter to find some Raskols to kill for more pistol ammunition.

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