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For the enemy of the same name in the other Dead Island games, see Suicider.

The Suicider is a a type of special infected featured in Dead Island: Retro Revenge. They usually don't give points, and can damage the player when destroyed. It is best to avoid them if possible.


Suiciders explode when destroyed, dealing damage to Max if destroyed with a melee attack, and taking out enemies in the surrounding. They offer no points when destroyed, except when destroyed with a projectile, in which case they award 250 points for a 'remote bomb' kill. Suiciders often appear in groups, hence blocking off part of the screen. This makes them very dangerous. Like other enemies, they appear down one of the three rows and do not switch lane.


Suiciders wear yellow pants, where the left pipe is ripped off from the knee down. Their shirt is also yellow, featuring a vertical tripe pattern. The shirt is destroyed, fully exposing their belly. They also wear a red cap with a yellow logo on it. Multiple yellow, pulsating boils across their grey skin are visible. The Suiciders in Retro Revenge are much fatter than their counterpart in other games.


Suiciders walk down a lane, damaging the player if they make physical contact (melee hits or walking into them). When destroyed, they explode, destroying everything around them. This will cause a chain reaction when suiciders appear in a pack, which they often do.


  • Avoid melee-ing a Suicider, as this will make them explode, in turn damaging the player.
    • Even when destroyed with a special weapon at maximum range, the explosion will damage the player.
  • A projectile kill on Suiciders is the only way to score points on them. When a Suicider appears on screen, start looking around for a projectile source to take him out.
  • Suiciders may appear in a 3 wide line, blocking any hope to safely avoid them. If a projectile is not readily available, you are forced to active your Super Weapon or Magic Power to avoid getting hit, and losing your Score Multiplier.
  • If a projectile is not readily available, avoid the Suicider at any cost.


  • Suiciders have 1 health point.
  • Suiciders reward 0 points per health point removed.
  • Suiciders do not reward 'good' or 'perfect' hits, even when destroyed with a melee hit when the crosshairs line up.
  • Suiciders also reward no points when destroyed with a super weapon or magic power.
  • Hitting a Suicider with the backwards attack causes it be blown backwards, in front of the player, damaging the player without exploding the Suicider.
  • Blowing up a Suicider is with a projectile awards bonus points, granting +250 for the 'remote bomb' kill.