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Substance of Matter is a medium difficulty side quest given to the Hero by Frank in Dead Island.


The Hero must travel to the storeroom and retrieve some aluminium potassium and bring it back to the Lab.


  • Talk to Frank to start the quest.
  • He wants you to bring him some aluminium potassium so he can continue his experiments.
  • Head out the Lab via the main entrance and head to the right, travelling along the metal walkway, and head through the fence door. Remember to close it behind you, just in case.
  • Head down the walkway. There's several bodies on the ground that will come alive. Kick them so they wake up and then stomp on them for an easy kill.
  • You'll see a zombie feasting on a body. Kill it to make your life easier later on.
  • There's occasionally a Floater here, so make sure you check for one before moving on.
  • To get into the warehouse, jump up the boxes wedged in the fence to enter a small fenced area around the side entrance of the warehouse.
  • There's two Walkers here, one standing and one pretending to be dead on the ground. Kill the one standing before finishing the other with a stomp.
  • Head through the door. A zombie is waiting to grab you, so lead through the door with a kick.
  • Near the aluminium potassium are four Walkers eating a body. This is a good time to use a molotov if you have one. If not, just swing your weapon at them until they're all dead.
  • Unblock the door and pick up the canister. If you didn't kill that zombie earlier, you'll need to now so it won't hinder your progress.
  • Pick up the canister and walk it back to the Lab, back the way you came.
  • Head through back to Frank and place the can of chemicals in the glowing blue outline just behind the door.
  • Talk to him to finish the quest and receive your reward.


  • Leave the doors inside the Lab open, as it will greatly improve your travel back through the Lab while carrying the can of chemicals, as you can't do anything while carrying it.
  • There's a safe and metal chest in the warehouse. Loot them before leaving.
  • If you need one, there's a molotov on the table to the side of the zombies in the warehouse. There's also one on the floor in the middle of them, but it's sunk in the floor and unobtainable (Definitive Edition).


  • Aluminum Potassium is used as an antibacterial, implying the zombie virus might actually be a bacteria. Or that they're trying to see if bacteria affect it (possibly a combination effect that causes different types of Zombies). Or that it's to help prevent bacteria from contaminating samples.
  • If you go back to that warehouse after completing the quest, you will see another can of chemicals in the same place, despite it already being in Frank's room at the Lab. You also can't interact with either of them.