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The Striker Rifle Mod is a weapon modification featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. When used at a Workbench, the mod adds fire damage to any Rifle.


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"If you want to experience truly blazing fun with your rifle, take advantage of my idea. Step by step you'll turn your gun into a portable dragon."
In Dead Island, the mod can be found in the Prison in Cell Block A during the side quest Locked Armory. The mod is found inside Block Zero - Armory on a table.
In Dead Island: Riptide, the mod is found in a shop in Henderson south of the Villa Henderson.
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Striker Rifle Mod



  • Like all rifle mods, it is unable to be applied to either model of Sniper Rifle in Riptide.
  • For an unknown reason, the mod was renamed to the 'Hooligan Rifle Mod' in Riptide.