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Stop the Madness is an easy difficulty side quest in Dead Island: Riptide. It is given automatically after completing the main quest The Ritual.


The player must head for Marcus Villa's house at Mataka Village and stop him of hurting anybody else.


  • This quest is automatically given upon completing the main quest The Ritual, so simply select it on your quest list to start it.
  • You need to go and find Marcus Villa to stop him from hurting anyone else in the future. He already burned down your camp and tried to kill you, so who knows what he's doing out there.
  • He's returned to his original house at Mataka Village and it's the same hut as where you collected his belongings at a few quests ago.
  • As you've been there before, you can simply fast travel to the area. If you don't want to fast travel for whatever reason, you can either wade to it through the water or take a boat to be faster. Either way, make your way back to Mataka Village to find him.
  • He's inside the house, so go inside to make him talk to you.
  • He'll make some deranged rambles at you before attacking you armed with a machete, determined to end you.
  • Quickly dodge out the house so you have more room to move and take him out however you want.
  • The quest will automatically end when Villa is dead.


  • As Marcus is a human enemy and he doesn't wear a helmet or protection of any sorts, a firearm will take him down in a single shot.
    • If you do this, however, you will alert all the zombies in the village to your presence.
  • Fire will also instantly kill him if you use a molotov, just be careful not to hit yourself with it.