Dead island steven
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 30-40

Unitedstates American

Status Alive (Possibly)
Location Pool House, Lifeguard Tower
Quest(s) The Lost

Why the hell did I stay here with Sinamoi?! I should've listened to Maggie and left with James and the others. They probably found a way off the island by now...
— Steven

Steven is a survivor featured in Dead Island. He is found in the Pool House after the Hero awakens and rescues John Sinamoi. He is sitting in the back room, beside the bathroom, lamenting on his decision to stay at the Pool House rather than go with James Stein and Maggie Spacy to the Lighthouse. The Hero has the option to talk to him, and after that, he gives the Hero The Lost quest.

After finding Maggie in the Lighthouse and the Hero informs Steven, he will eventually leave the Lifeguard Tower, but will never be seen again. Maggie is quiet when the quest is done, which is probably due to Steven coming to the Lighthouse.