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Reinforce yourself against the zombies with this steel rebar.
— In-game description

Steel Rebar is a blunt Headhunter weapon featured in Dead Island 2. It can be found abundantly across Los Angeles.


The Steel Rebar is an improvised weapon and so shares a lot of the same characteristics of the class. It has medium damage, as found weapons scale with the player level, however it has low force and a relatively slow swing speed. It also has very poor durability, breaking after killing just a few Zombies. It can only be found as a common rarity weapon and so can't accept any mods or Perks or be repaired. In a pinch, the weapon is capable of taking out Runners, Shamblers and Walkers, and is a viable weapon for the early game when decent rarity weapons, and weapons in general, are scarce. However, after a few better weapons of even common rarity are found, the usefulness of the Steel Rebar quickly drops off. It is mostly incapable of taking out a Crusher and have durability left over, and you'll burn through Steel Rebars when you come across a horde. In the mid game and beyond, Steel Rebars are really only useful for scrapping into mod parts or as an emergency weapon to pick up if you have no other usable weapons in your inventory.


As an improvised common rarity weapon, the Steel Rebar is unable to accept any weapon mods.


As an improvised common rarity weapon, the Steel Rebar is unable to accept any weapon perks.


When scrapped, the Steel Rebar will be destroyed and give back 1 piece of Scrap and 1 piece of either Scrap, Adhesive, Fabric or Fasteners


  • Like all improvised weapons, the Steel Rebar can't be repaired at a workbench, only scrapped at one or in the inventory.