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Stalwart Defense is a hard difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Trevor Rogers in Dead Island: Riptide. The quest takes place during Chapter 5 and it's another siege defence mission. The quest Change of Plans was a precursor to this so you should know what to expect.


You and the rest of the group is tasked with defended the Santa Maria Mission while Trevor pumps out the entrance to the Japanese Tunnels. Because the pump is very loud, the noise will attract the undead, so prepare for a hard fight.


  • It's recommended to place down some defences first before starting this quest. See the notes for what to do.
  • Once you've got the miniguns in favourable positions, mines set up around the area and all the fences in place, talk to Trevor and start the quest.
  • There will be several waves of zombies assaulting you, with a short gap between each wave. A bar will appear at the top of the screen showing the progress of the pumping, and therefore the progress of the quest.
  • All zombies spawning will appear as skulls on the minimap and will charge at the Mission.
  • Your mines should take out a lot of the first spawners, while secondary mines and the fences will slow them down. You can hit them through the fences to kill them earlier.
  • Use the miniguns in short bursts to conserve ammo and stop them overheating. It's recommended to use them on the boss zombies, like Thugs, Floaters and Butchers when they appear, as they can easily take out these high health problems.
  • In the gaps between each wave, replace all the mines you can. Put down new minefields where possible before running back to the Mission and replacing all the fences you can.
  • There's various mines and throwables in wooden boxes across the Mission, use them to stock up when needed.
  • Continue to fight through the waves until the last zombie falls and the bar disappears from the top of your screen.
  • Talk to Trevor to finish the quest and collect your reward. You can now descend into the Tunnels.


  • It is recommended to prepare your defences before starting the quest, as you won't have enough time between talking to Trevor and the first wave of zombies appearing.
  • Lace the area outside the Mission (and inside if you're brave enough) with mines. Any mines will do, just place them down at entrances and around them. Space them out, as a single zombie could take out a whole cluster if they're not spread out enough.
  • Mines won't hurt your AI teammates, so don't worry about them going off and killing them.
  • Complete Zoey's quest Electrifying to get electric fences if you haven't already. It will help a lot in these defence missions. Put up fences across all entrances to slow down the zombies getting in. Put mines in front of the fences to help them last longer. The mines won't blow them up, don't worry.
  • There's various wooden crates with useful items in them. Use them to your advantage through the quest.
  • The miniguns can be picked up and carried to new positions if needed. There's roughly four places they can go.
  • Miniguns have limited ammo, don't burn it all at once. They can also overheat.
  • The fast travel area is unavailable once you start the quest, as will all the merchants. Finish up whatever you need to do before starting this quest.


  • Towards the very end of the quest, a unique Thug named, "Crazed Moe" will emerge as a boss-like figure. Due to unknown reasons, the game freezes whenever the Thug is seconds away from death; forcing the player to restart their console and reload the quest from the last checkpoint. The bug can be avoided by ensuring that all Zombies are killed before killing Crazed Moe.
  • Before the quest if you kick the floating corpses outside they are automatically dead and thus don't spawn. Making the mission impossible to complete, as having no first wave spawn means the mission cannot progress.


  • This quest combined with the quest Heavy Equipment was featured in the alpha build gameplay preview of Dead Island: Riptide.
  • When the Suiciders first emerge from the waters, they will approach the mission three times faster than normal walking speed. They also take more damage than normal Suiciders as they are capable of surviving entire pistol magazines without exploding.