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EDI Office

Overlooking the main office space

The Staff Office is a location featured in Escape Dead Island. It is located in the marina complex. The office is actually several different offices in an open plan layout built in the warehouse near the roof. It's here that workers and staff would operate from when not using machinery or outside on the docks. Cliff Calo traverses the offices to escape from the marina and get back to his friends on the beach.


The office is a large, open plan room suspended above the warehouse. It contains a load of desks with telephones and computers. The desks are sort of separated with dividers which block line of sight but still allow movement around them. There's a couple of raised offices, no doubt for management positions, which have nicer desks, some amenities such as globes or pictures, as well as views over the main office space. The desks are strewn around now, however, due to the zombies taking over. One door has a keycard lock which leads to the garbage chute. There's a pool table for workers to relax on break while stairs and a lift allow access to the offices.

Telephone transcripts[]

The telephones will ring when Cliff gets near them and if he answers them, he will hear echoes from the future. These are the messages.

It's your fault, Cliff. It's all your fault!

Don't trust your friends, Cliff! You are not who you think. But you can learn the truth here.

Cliff, can you hear me, get the gun, get the gun.

Cliff?! What are you doing to me - stop, please!

New Game + Telephone transcripts[]

The telephones say different things in new game plus compared to the first run through. Here's what they say.

Listen, you're not awake. Stop dreaming.

Give him some more sedative. He is waking up.

You're not awake

Be careful who you listen to, Cliff. Not everyone is looking out for you.


  • The telephone calls will alert nearby zombies and cause them to come to the noise, so be sure to try and work around this to sneak up behind a distracted zombie.
  • The office keycard is found here on a Shambler.
  • The GeoPharm Board Photo is found here, inside a room to the right of the entrance. It's possible to see it but to access it, head across the walkway, go down the stairs to the floor and then keep left. There'll be a set of stairs up to the room which you can then enter the access to get the item.
  • Charon's Log 8 can be found in the locker room next to to the vent into the Staff Office. The door is barricaded and needs to be broken to enter, but the log is inside one of the open lockers.
  • Taking a picture of the globe with the Camera gives Snapshot 34.
  • Taking a picture of the poster above the stairs and pool table with the Camera gives Snapshot 61.
  • Taking a picture of the pool table with the Camera gives Snapshot 75.
  • Taking a picture of one of the phones on the desk with the Camera gives Snapshot 81.