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Spy Game is a hard difficulty side-quest given to the Hero by Nick in Dead Island.


The Hero must record the radio transmissions of the military forces in order to see whether or not they're behind the infection.


  • Talk to Nick to start the quest.
  • He'll tell you that he finds it very suspicious that the army hasn't been seen or heard since the outbreak occurred, leading him to believe that they have something to do with it. Nick wants you to record a transmission to find out what they're up to. From his time in the army, he knows there's only two places that have equipment powerful enough to cut through the monsoon. One is in the Prison, so that's out of the question, but the other is in the Jungle.
  • Wait until you reach the jungle in Act III and complete the main quest Chasing Shadows so that you can unlock the Jeep at the River Village.
  • Take the Jeep and drive to the antenna relay, which is past the turn off you use to get to the boat during the main quest Soldiers of Fortune.
  • There's likely to be a gang of jungle muggers at the site, so take out a gun and start taking them out.
  • If you don't have a gun for whatever reason, kill the mugger near the entrance and take his pistol.
  • The muggers outside have pistols, and there are some propane tanks that you can use to kill them quickly.
  • Once the outside is secure, head inside and kill the muggers inside. They have rifles, so be careful.
  • You'll find a radio sitting on a shelf at head height. Use it to hear a short transmission. It's of a solider in the fleet currently blockading Banoi and he tells a colonel that one boat tried to get through the blockade but it was blown up and any survivors killed.
  • Upon hearing this revelation, return to the car and drive back to the River Village.
  • Use the fast travel map in Matutero's hut to return to Nick, hand over the recording and get your reward.


  • Much like the side quests Nighthawk and A Voice from Above the Sky quest, this one can't be completed until the Jungle is reached in Act III, despite being available earlier.
  • The map marker leads to the roof but the radio is found inside the building, above the eye level.
  • It's best to do this at the same time as the side quest Death Wish, as they take place at the same location and you'll need to kill Vargas when you get there anyway.
  • It is possible to avoid all fighting by sneaking into the building. To do this, enter the antenna relay site from the western road by climbing up the hill. Then jump the fence south-east of the site. Enter the building from the back and listen to the recording without being spotted by Vargas.
    • To leave, jump on the railing just outside the door and then jump the fence.

Transmission transcript[]

Yes Colonel... all access to the island has been severed. Ships are deployed around the entire perimeter. A bloody minnow couldn't slip through. There haven't been any problems apart from one minor incident. A fishing boat tried to get through to the island. I already dispatched a patrol after it. Yes, sir. Affirmative. no witnesses...