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Splat! Headshot! is a challenge in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. The challenge requires the Hero to destroy a certain number of heads using a weapon. This is best achieved using a blunt weapon and with Sam B especially, since he has skills in blunt weapons.


  • 25 heads must be crushed for level 1 and the reward is 2,000 XP.
  • 100 heads must be crushed for level 2 and the reward is 7,000 XP.
  • 250 heads must be crushed for level 3 and the reward is 20,000 XP.
  • 500 heads must be crushed for level 4 and the reward is 80,000 XP.


  • Crushing a head with the stomp skill WILL count towards the challenge.
  • Cutting off the head WILL NOT count towards the challenge. The head must be broken, not simply removed, to count for this challenge.
  • Breaking the head of a corpse on the ground or an already killed enemy WILL NOT count towards this challenge. The enemy must still be active when the head is destroyed to count.
  • Breaking a head with a shot from a firearm WILL count towards this challenge.


  • The name of this challenge may come from a line in the 'Meet the Sniper' trailer for the game Team Fortress 2, where the opening line is Sniper saying "Boom! Headshot!"
  • Alternatively, it could be a reference to the 'Boom! Headshot!' meme where, during a game of CounterStrike, a gamer named FPSDoug exclaims the phrase several times.
  • This challenge can be seen as the blunt weapon counterpart to the Decapital Punishment challenge, where you need to cut off a certain number of heads.