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DI2 Spin Theory location

Spin Theory is a Journal featured in Dead Island 2. It is one of the collectables possible used to gain the achievement Bookworm. It is a chat log between two construction workers.


In the small construction area next to the house under construction at Beverly Hills, where Jessica Kwon is initially found. Adjacent to the house is a small construction site with various forklifts at it. One of these forklifts has a phone on it, which is the collectible.


Subject: Fuck my life
To: Reginald White
Reggie I'm gonna lose my fucking mind here. The owner was just up
and he's telling me the court ain't right. He says the net has to be
aligned with the fucking earth's axis so it points at the magnetic
poles and he can serve across the field lines and get more spin! So we
got to rotate everything 30 degrees. I tell you Reg one more thing like
this and I'm gonna stick a pole up HIS fucking axis. Shit's gonna set us
back 3 weeks so you make sure it's added onto the invoice today. I
swear this job is gonna give me a fucking stroke.