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The Spiky Walker is a zombie featured in Dead Island 2. They are variants of the Walker found all across Los Angeles.


Spiky Walkers are zombies who have had their bodies covered in sharp objects such as glass and razor wire. Aside from this, they behave in the same manner as normal Walkers. They are slow and will attempt to bite and grab players if they get too close. Like Spiky Runners and Vicious Butchers, Spiky Walkers are dangerous to attack up close as their spikes will inflict bleed damage whenever a player makes contact with them. This occurs any time they attack a player as well as when a kick or sliding attack is performed on them. Bleed damage is also inflicted whenever the Drop Kick or Flying Kick skills are used. However, like other Walkers, Spiky Walkers are susceptible to most forms of damage, especially explosive damage. Their limbs can also be easily severed, reducing their ability to move or attack.


Spiky walkers come with a variety of different physical appearances and clothing:

  • The first variant, covered in broken glass, has brown hair tied in a ponytail, and wears a gray tank top and torn blue denim jeans.
  • The second variant, covered in razor wire, has black hair tied in a ponytail, and wears a dark gray tank top, dark gray jogging pants, and black athletic shoes. She also has a gray jacket strapped to her waist.
  • The third variant, covered in razor wire, has black hair, and wears a red dress and brown sandals.
  • The fourth variant, covered in broken glass, has black hair, and wears a black and white tank top, black jogging shorts, and black athletic shoes.
  • The fifth variant, covered in broken glass, has short black hair, and wears a white tank top, light blue denim shorts, and light gray shoes.




Name Criteria Description
First Blood Kill 1 Spiky Walker This Walker has covered itself with sharp objects like broken glass and razor wire, making it extremely dangerous in close combat.
Under The Skin Kill 10 Spiky Walkers Spiky Walkers are weak to EXPLOSIVE damage, so try to use nearby hazards or explosives to take them down.
Sliced To The Bone KICKING or SLIDING into these zombies will make you BLEED! No touchy!
Deep In The Guts MAIM Spiky Walkers' limbs to reduce the threat they pose and slow them down.

Zombie Challenges[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Walk On By
Walk On By 1 Kill 50 Walkers
Walk On By 2 Kill 100 Walkers
Walk On By 3 Kill 1000 Walkers
Sharp-Witted 1 Kill 10 Spiky zombies
Sharp-Witted 2 Kill 25 Spiky zombies
Sharp-Witted 3 Kill 50 Spiky zombies