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While using this weapon gain a moderate DAMAGE, TOUGHNESS and RESILIENCE boost against Apex Varients.
— In-game Description

Special Sauce is a 'rare' rarity weapon perk featured in Dead Island 2. The perk increases damage dealt against Apex varients by 25% (multiplicative) and reduces both physical and elemental damage received from Apex variants by 40% (multiplicative). It is part of the Haus DLC.


The Special Sauce blueprint is awarded for completing the quest The Path of the Unworthy, dropping from the chest in the attic of the house blocked off by Dark Brains inside the Cul-De-Sac.


Supported Weapons[]

This perk can be applied to all weapons of rare or higher rarity. The following weapon comes applied with this perk as a fixed perk:


  • The in-game description mentions a boost in toughness and resilience. Although both these Slayer Traits reduce damage taken, the damage reduction from Special Sauce functions different than an increase in toughness or resilience would. For this reason, damage reduction beyond the toughness and resilience caps can be achieved.