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Soldier of Fortune is a very hard difficulty main quest given to the Hero by Matutero in Dead Island.


The Hero must find and kill Afran and retrieve the boat he stole. In order to do so, they must travel to the Smugglers' Den and then to the Smugglers' Marina.


  • Talk to Matutero to start the quest.
  • He wants you to travel to Afran's base and get the boat back. Only then will he be able to take you to see Mowen.
  • Head to the vehicle parking of the River Village and get into the Jeep.
  • Follow the map markers and just floor it all the way to Afran's base. There'll be some zombies on the way, but just drive over them and ignore them all the way to the Smugglers' Den.
  • Once you reach it, you'll see the main gate is closed and two of Afran's Soldiers armed with rifles will start shooting at you.
  • Using the cars out front for cover, head over to the metal shed to the right and climb up the ladder.
  • If you have a gun, kill the soldiers shooting at you. Firearms will be very important to have in this quest, so get one as soon as possible if you don't already have one on your person.
  • Climb onto the guard tower nearest to you, kill the soldiers on the tower before using the mounted machine gun to mow down the soldiers on the ground in front of you. There's around 8 of them, so kill them all using the MMG to conserve your own ammo.
  • Grab the rifle and a pistol off the floor if you don't already have one before proceeding.
  • I suggest heading to the left and travelling via the walkways on the left side. Follow them to the huts opposite the bus on the dirt road.
  • Kill the soldiers in the hut and shoot at the soldiers in the bus.
  • Once they're all dead, exit the hut and get into cover near the open gate. Around 4 more soldiers will appear at the other end from the hut, two of which will have rifles.
  • Kill them all and use the various food around to heal up.
  • Head over to the hut and ram through the locked door. Have a gun ready for the two soldiers in the hut behind the door.
  • You've now got a small respite time to heal up and use the workbench to repair, upgrade or mod your weapons if you need it.
  • There's a long pathway down to the marina which connects the two. There's a hut midway down the road but there's nothing in them, so ignore it and get into cover at the entrance to the marina.
  • It's far more enclosed here, so use a lot of cover and keep healed up as you fight your way through the soldiers.
  • Once you reach the covered walkway down to the boat, a cutscene will play. It'll show Afran retreating into the boat dock, firing wildly as he does so. As the heroes approach, he primes and throws a grenade, causing the heroes to run for cover.
  • You'll be deposited a short way back, at the entrance of the covered walkway. Head back down it and prepare to fight Afran.
  • Take out the other soldiers before turning your attention to Afran. They'll case a lot of damage if you don't deal with them, so use the explosive barrels to kill off a few of them easily.
  • Throwables are your friends when fighting Afran, so use them to your advantage. It's ill advised to try and get into melee with him, so don't try it.
  • Use all your skills and keep shooting him until he dies. Loot the place before getting onto the boat and using the help to get back to the River Village.
  • You'll appear back at the village after a black screen transition.
  • Matutero will be on the boat with you, so talk to him to finish the quest.


  • Take a gun and stock up on medkits for this quest.
  • This quest is all about fighting humans, so zombies are not the issue with this one.
  • There's several grenades near to where the cutscene plays to introduce you to Afran. Use them during the fight for some quick damage.
  • Molotov cocktails are a good way to get some free shots on Afran. He'll flail around like a normal human when on fire, unable to shoot at you. Use this time to get some easy shots on him before he puts out the fire and attacks you again.
  • If you have the poison bomb blueprint from the Bloodbath Arena Arena C, it can kill Afran instantly, as it deals MASSIVE damage. Get it if you can and have one on hand for the Afran fight to make it VERY easy!
  • There's a lot of metal chests located in Afran's base.
    • One can be found up the guard tower just before the main base.
    • There are several of them between the main gate and the second part of the base.
    • One is found just before you fight Afran, to the side of the stronghold where the boat is.
    • Another is found behind the stronghold. Go up the stairs inside and onto the right wing. There'll be a ramp down to a small cleared area where the chest is.
  • Many healing items can be found through the base. Energy drinks and snacks are plentiful for when your health gets low.

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