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EDI Snapshot 60

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Snapshot 60 is the sixtieth collectible snapshot found in Escape Dead Island and is one of the 86 collectible snapshots found on Narapela island. It is required for the achievement/trophy What Happened, Happened.


After first meeting Shadow Zombies in the Crown Residence during Mission 10 - Faith. Three shadow Shamblers will appear out the ground, and to the right of the room is a large TV. The game console is underneath it.


Me and this little fella had some good times back in the day.


  • The console appears to be heavily inspired by several real life Nintendo consoles. The game cartridge and four controller ports on the front are references to the Nintendo 64, the top buttons are similar to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and its European/Japanese counterpart the Super Famicom. The controller face buttons (A, B, X & Y buttons) are all coloured the same as the Famicom buttons.
    • Oddly, the controller shape itself is more like a SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive controller, especially when looking at the D-Pad, which is the shield style D-Pad used on SEGA controllers.