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EDI Snapshot 59

As it appears in the gallery when viewed

Snapshot 59 is the fifty-ninth collectible snapshot found in Escape Dead Island and is one of the 86 collectible snapshots found on Narapela island. It is required for the achievement/trophy What Happened, Happened.


Towards the middle part of Mission 11 - Deliverance, Cliff is thrown into his mind by the evil Linda. While there, there are balls that must be destroyed to create pathways, etc. Taking a picture of one of these will give this snapshot.


Whatever the hell this thing is, I must destroy it to prevail.


  • If you look closely, you can see clouds, the sun and reflection of the cameraman as he took a picture of an object to give the sphere some texture in the gallery. This doesn't work in the context of the game, however, as when Cliff finds the orbs, they're in the blackness of the construct in his mind, so the sun and clouds wouldn't appear.