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EDI Snapshot 44

As it appears in the gallery when viewed

Snapshot 44 is the forty-fourth collectible snapshot found in Escape Dead Island and is one of the 86 collectible snapshots found on Narapela island. It is required for the achievement/trophy What Happened, Happened.


Various places across Narapela, but can be collected as early as Mission 4 - Marathon. Shortly after descending the rope from the beach to the jungle, there's an alarm speaker above a camera on the wall. If missed, you can find alarms at the airfield.


Remember the Alarmo!


  • The snapshot's description is a reference to the famous phrase shouted by Texan soldiers during the Texan Revolution, "Remember the Alamo!" The cry was revenge for the Battle of the Alamo where the surviving Texan troops were killed by the Mexican leader after they surrendered to him.