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Smugglers are a type of human enemy featured in Dead Island: Riptide. They are a collection of thieves and criminals who, prior to the outbreak, used the Japanese Tunnels to smuggle goods across Palanai Island and likely either into Henderson or off of the island. Following the outbreak, they descended into the tunnels and decided to remain there safe from the Zombies, with enough stolen or smuggled supplies to keep them comfortably alive in the tunnels. The Heroes need to traverse the tunnels during the main quest The Tunnels, where they stumble upon the smugglers, who mistake them for zombies. The only way to get to Henderson is through the smugglers, so the Heroes fight their way through the smugglers and kill them all, including the Chief Smuggler, in order to clear the path for the survivors to make it to Henderson.


Smugglers are a collection of crooks and criminals who are well armed and content to remain in the tunnels until the zombies are gone from the island. They are well supplied with their smuggled goods and well armed with weapons which were previously useful in their line of work. As such, they are dangerous at range with their firearms, however they lack any sort of body or head protection, so can be killed easily by just about anything.


Smugglers vary in their attire but most can be found with similar levels of clothing. Most will wear cargo pants or shorts, along with boots. They'll also have a belt and t-shirt or regular button-up shirt. Those without these will instead be shirtless. Some may be sporting hats or caps of some sort, whilst others will be bare.


Normally, Smugglers are content to remain where they are, either standing in a group talking, standing by themselves or roaming around an area likely out of boredom. However, when in combat, they will seek cover and draw their main weapon of choice - the Pistol. They will remain in cover for protection, though will pop out to fire a few shots at their target before ducking back into cover. If the threat gets too close to them, they will retreat, often firing, to find a new spot further away to hide behind and shoot from.

Notable smugglers[]


  • They all carry firearms, so have no melee weapons to attack with.
  • Having a firearm to hand is paramount to surviving them.
  • Use cover when fighting them, as bullets will shred you out in the open. Use the various boxes, supplies and bags found across the hideout to hide from their attacks and shoot back at them from.
  • Like any human enemy, they will die to a headshot.
  • Fire will also instantly light them with heavy fire damage and will one shot them. It is, however, slower. Use a Flare Gun or Molotov Cocktail to light them on fire.
  • Any throwable weapon with an explosive range will work well on them too, such as Grenades.
  • Do not bother using Stun Bombs or Sonic Pulse Grenades on them, as they will deal a single point of damage and have no additional effects.