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For the older variant seen in previous games, see Floater.

Back on Banoi we called 'em Floaters. They got all sorts of caustic juice bubbling away inside 'em, and they puke it out at anything that moves. It smells like shit, and melts flesh down to the bone. Slobber's can wade through the vomit like it's nothing, but you ain't got that luxury. Get in close and cut it down before it cuts you off with no way to run!
— The Zombie Prof

The Slobber is an Apex zombie in featured in Dead Island 2. A newer variant of the Floater, it is first encountered during the story quest Michael Anders and the Holy Grail at the Outdoor Stage in Monarch Studios. Afterwards, they can be found in Slobber hot-spots as well as other areas across Los Angeles.


Slobbers are zombies who have undergone a horrific mutation which has caused immense bloating and swelling of internal organs such as the spleen and gallbladder. The gallbladder has also begun to produce a highly caustic bile, turning the Slobber into a ranged zombie that can projectile vomit bile at players. This will inflict caustic damage which can quickly deplete a player's health. Slobbers will remain at a distance in order to use their ability. Should a player get too close, however, they will stop vomiting and be forced into melee combat.


Slobbers have a very similar appearance and behavior to Floaters, sporting grotesquely swollen bodies. Their bloated bodies are covered with tumors and organs that bulge out, all of which are filled with caustic bile. Their skin is blackened with decay and their heads are bald. Slobbers are shown to wear a wide variety of different clothing but the mutation process has ripped it significantly.


Slobbers are very sedentary in nature, content to sit mostly in one spot and wait for prey to come to them. Due to their large size and therefore poor manoeuvrability, Slobbers will generally remain in one spot, or shift slightly around there, whilst looking out for prey. Once one is spotted, the Slobber will attempt to lumber over before sitting at range and spewing acidic bile from their mouth to hit their target. Should the prey get close to them, they will attempt to either grab or swipe at them as a last resort, but will otherwise vomit on the floor in front of them.


  • Slobbers have large pools of health and are resistant to blunt and projectile damage, making firearms a poor choice to use against them.
  • They are weak to sharp, shock and bleed damage.
  • Thanks to their acidic bile and swollen bodies, they are immune to caustic damage and effects.
  • Due to their resistance to firearms, melee weapons are the only reliable choice to use against them, if you want to kill one quickly.
  • Their slow movement speed makes it easy to get behind them to attack before they can react.
  • They are slow to turn, meaning you can kite them by just circling around them, which will mostly prevent them from attacking.
  • Slobbers are exposed while vomiting and will drain stability faster if they are hit from behind.
  • Using ranged Curveballs can be effective against Slobbers, particularly the shock effect ones such as the Electric Star and Electric Bomb due to the Slobber's inherent weakness to shock damage.
  • Thanks to the size of the Slobber, the Shuriken curveball is useful for getting some good damage from medium range, where the spread means it will reliably hit 2 or all 3 of the projectiles.
  • The Meat Bait curveball is useless against the Slobber as it, along with other Apex Zombies, do not get distracted by this curveball.
  • The Bait Bomb, however, is a little more viable due to the slow movement speed of the Slobber, where it will likely be caught by the blast. However in that instance, it's better to just use a regular explosive curveball like the Sticky Bomb or Military Grenade.


  • Putrefied Slobber - A Slobber that has the ability to vomit blobs of bile that stick to surfaces and explode
  • Firestorm Slobber - A Slobber that has mutated to become immune to fire and shoots fireballs from its mouth

Notable Slobbers[]




Name Criteria Description
First Blood Kill 1 Slobber Slobbers are disgustingly swollen with CAUSTIC bile that they puke all over their victims.
Under The Skin Kill 10 Slobbers Slobbers resist BLUNT and PROJECTILE damage. They are immune to CAUSTIC damage, but weak to SHARP, SHOCK, and BLEED damage.
Sliced To The Bone Get close to a Slobber as fast as possible to stop it puking CAUSTIC bile and force it into melee combat.
Deep In The Guts Slobbers are exposed while vomiting. Hit them from behind to DRAIN STABILITY faster.

Combat Challenge[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Splash Zone
Splash Zone 1 Slay 5 Slobbers with melee attacks
Splash Zone 2 Slay 15 Slobbers with melee attacks
Splash Zone 3 Slay 25 Slobbers with melee attacks

Zombie Challenges[]

Name Challenge Description Reward
Gastric Bypass
Gastric Bypass 1 Kill 10 Slobbers
Gastric Bypass 2 Kill 25 Slobbers
Gastric Bypass 3 Kill 50 Slobbers
Those Who Melt It
Those Who Melt It 1 Kill 10 Caustic-X Walkers or Slobbers
Those Who Melt It 2 Kill 50 Caustic-X Walkers or Slobbers
Those Who Melt It 3 Kill 100 Caustic-X Walkers or Slobbers