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For the same weapon available in Dead Island: Retro Revenge, see Sledgehammer (Retro Revenge).
For the weapon of the same name in Dead Island 2, see Sledgehammer (Dead Island 2).

The Sledgehammer is a type of blunt melee weapon featured in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. It can be given out as a Quest reward, sold by Merchants or found on killed Zombies and in Metal chests.


Sledgehammers are one of the heaviest and worst handling weapons in the game. They're a large, two handed weapon that feature force as their standout attribute. They're hard to swing, since they drain a large amount of stamina to swing. They deal good damage for a two handed blunt weapon and have good durability to boot. Sledgehammers and their variants are best used against large, high health zombies such as Thugs or Wrestlers, since Infected are generally too quick to hit, especially if in a group, while they can be good crowd control against basic Walkers.


The Sledgehammer can accept a wide range of mods: